“Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill. The quote reminds me of Mrs Mishu Shrestha who has been working with full devotion to becoming the person she is today.


  1. A known matter of fact that you have been involved in fashion designing for quite a long time now. But, what made you start your clothing brand ‘MISHUS’?
  • It all started when my father was very strict about me working even after marriage. I got involved in the hotel, and then, slowly got into my family business as well. After a few years, I got connected with a few designers through my mother’s Pashmina business. Long story short, I went abroad to study fashion design in 2011. I came back and wanted to do a fashion show for which I had prepared 40 designs in five months. My husband was quite reluctant as I had taken only 8 months of training and let me tell you, it hurt. I guess everything happens for good because that led me to grind and here I am after these many years still working and marking my name in the fashion world. That is how I started the MISHUS brand. 
  1. Could you tell me about the near plans that you might have on your list?
  • I do want to attend the London Fashion week. The work is in the process, and I hope everything goes as per plan. The preparation from our side will be done well and let’s see how it goes. 
  1. What do you think is the most beautiful aspect of your clothing brand that makes you stand out? 
  • As a designer, I think you have to create your identity. For me, the kind of attire that has to be focused on is the non-traditional with the traditional reflection to them. I like to put all of those Nepalese hand paintings that are on the edge of my designs. I am working with hand painters and they work amazingly. To create something unique from what is already there. Of course, getting ideas or influence from different cultures is a necessity. Besides that, I have started making my fabric, even the cashmere. The Yarns are imported from other countries, however, the production is done here only. 
    The patterns that you see in MISHUS clothing are very much my creation. I think, these all altogether make the authenticity intact and stand out from others. 
  1. Having a clothing brand and going out about in the fashion industry must need some elements that keep you up headed and lead towards success. For you what are those elements?
  • (umm) I still have a long way to go to call myself successful in this field. However, the main target is to focus on exporting globally. For that, along with the best quality products, PR is essential. The brand manager I have helps me get more exposure and so far it has been a great factor of contribution to the growth. The elements I would say are the sincere brand manager and the best quality products.
  1. You have been working on the international as well as the national level. Is there any difference in terms of experience?
  • I didn’t find any difference between the models. The experience has been different, but it is nothing to do with models and their clothes. However, the styling on an international level is totally unlike what Nepalese stylists prefer. Let me tell you one instance, I sent them the clothes/dresses for the photoshoot to Vietnam, and the way they styled those for models, I was left awestruck. The dresses were very simple by themselves, but the styling took them to a different level. 
  1. For others to approach, takes them to believe in your brand. What do you think, the MISHUS brand promises to have?
  • For me, the most important thing that I believe to have is quality fabric and the finishing of the product. The cost might be on the higher side, but we make sure the quality of the product meets the standard. So, whenever someone wants to buy, the MISHUS clothing items promise not only a good style but mainly the quality of products. From stitching to design, we make sure it is perfectly aligned. 
  1. We talked about your near plans, but could you tell us about the main vision you have for the brand?
  • My vision right now is to grow globally, and eventually, I want to go beyond that. I hope the brand will not only be working for somebody else but also have the brand in different places. I know it is going to take a long time but this is what I have envisioned. 
  1. Mishu Ji, tell me how do you manage and cope with your hectic life?  Given that, you have been involved in the Radisson hotel and now the MISHUS brand coming into full action, and you are a fashion designer as well. 
  • (Laughs) Yeah, people always do ask that! The thing is that you have to manage your time for what you have chosen to do in life. Fashion is my passion, so I love whatever being a fashion designer demands. Also, I have different units for manufacturing, supervisors, and a team to help my vision and passion come to life. 
  1. What would you suggest for aspiring fashion designers?
  • The foremost thing is to know that the world of fashion is not very easy. In this line, only a few people get success and make sure that you are not getting into this field out of fun but out of passion. You need to work hard and follow your passion. Put your one mind as there will be moments when you want to give up. Acknowledge and give room to your creativity, and you will for sure get success.