Science fiction books are always interesting. If you want to start reading such books, we have a few book ideas for you to start.


  1. The Giver:

The Giver by Lois Lowry is one of the most widely read science fiction books. In a seemingly utopian society, the story follows a young man named Jonas, who is ready to become the Receiver of Memory within his community. As his training gets underway, he realizes that the utopia handed to him may not be all that perfect or desirable after all.


  1. The Blazing World:

The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish is considered the first science fiction book ever written. Margaret Cavendish published "The Blazing World" in 1666. The bizarre tale follows a young woman who falls into another world populated with talking animals, half-men, half-fish, and other strange creatures. After becoming their empress, she leads them on an invasion of her homeworld to create a more utopian society.


  1. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle:

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami is, in short, about a Japanese man who treks into the netherworld to save his wife and her cat. In turns comic and dramatic, this acclaimed story bridges the gap between true sci-fi and urban fantasy, dabbling in historical criticism.


  1. Recursion:

"Recursion" by Blake Crouch is one of the most exciting sci-fi novels. 

An epidemic is sweeping the nation, and it replaces people's real memories with memories of things that never happened. A detective and a neuroscientist must team up to uncover the dark force behind the epidemic, travelling through time in this dark sci-fi thriller mystery.


  1. Lord of Light

Roger Zelazny published "Lord of Light" in 1967. In the novel, Earth has vanished. A small group of survivors has colonized another planet where they've managed to upload their consciousnesses into technology, essentially turning themselves into gods. These "gods" adhere to the Hindu pantheon and practices, except for one, Sam, who prefers a Buddhist approach to life and religion. What follows is a battle for control over the planet and a revolution against the powers that be.


  1. The Stars My Destination

"The Stars My Destination," by Alfred Bester, is about a teleporter named Gully, who is hell-bent on revenge. It all begins when Gully maroons in space, and a passing ship ignores him after signalling for help. He shapes the other decades of his life by seeking vengeance against this clan who ignored him. But eventually, Gully learns that revenge isn't all it's cracked up to be.