In this intriguing series with the Vastu expert Madhav Mangal Joshi, Smart Family Magazine is set to unravel Vastu knowledge about land plots, discussing auspicious and challenging configurations. offering practical tips for those living on less-ideal plo

Landscaping with Vastu Plotting Prosperity

The goal is to unlock Vastu's secrets and cultivate harmony within our built environment. Welcome to the realm of Vastu, where ancient knowledge meets modern life to balance our surroundings with the natural forces of the cosmos. The choice of land plots is critical in the aim of building environments that radiate happiness and plenty. Vastu principles dictate that the shape, size, and orientation of the plot can greatly impact the energy flow within a space. By selecting a plot that aligns with these principles, one can create a harmonious living or working environment that promotes well-being and prosperity. Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural discipline, provides essential insights into the optimal forms and shapes of plots that correspond to cosmic energies, as well as those to avoid.



As we’ve already learned from the previous article about Vastu, different energies flow from different directions, and in a “Square”, all the energy is at the same level, resulting in balanced health, riches, and success. This makes square land the ideal sort of land, with all the angles at 90 degrees. The lifeforce energy is stored and forms a level if this land plot is plain, but it is preferable if it slopes slightly north and east. Because the energy goes from east to west and the west is encircled by mountains, it will always be stored and filled. Health tends to tilt toward the east, and wealth is enhanced toward the north. Energy will be lacking if it is sloping in both the south and the west. All of these are therefore suitable for any company, institution, or even factory used for commercial purposes.

When the length is double the breadth in a “Rectangular” space, it is fine; however, if it is greater than this, the energy will drop, and the farther it goes east, the health energy will be reduced, and to the north, the wealth energy will be reduced as the size increases. That is why the length should be double the breadth; it is extremely beneficial. However, if you have a land plot that is more than double, it will not be auspicious, therefore there are various solutions, such as building a wall to balance the length and breathe, allowing you to make a nice balance, and using the leftover land as a new plot or a garden.

If your land is increased from “North to East”, such plots are considered highly prosperous and aid in the accumulation of excessive riches. Similarly, if your land is increased from “East to North”, such plots are very lucrative. If you have a rectangle or square space, buying land that extends from north to east or east to north is auspicious because even if you purchase further land, you will make more money.

In “Round or Circle” plots due to the diagonal reflection of energy in circles, such lands and plots are beneficial for both spiritual and financial prosperity. For this reason, meditation centers with dome-shaped structures are common among Buddhists, and such land plotting structures are used.

“Trapezium” design, where one length is longer than the other with the same breadth if your house is on the longer side and the shorter side is a road, is regarded as ideal for residential, while the reverse is extremely good for commercial complexes and corporations. Oval-shaped land is unlucky because all of the energy typically escapes through the slips.


Less-ideal plots

The other plot forms, such as rectangles with a point in one center direction, are not particularly desirable. The “Curved" property path is not ideal for money, even more so for the domestic creatures you keep, whether dogs or cows. This sort of land is not recommended if you intend to build a home.

However, each square or rectangular land allotment that is enlarged from “South to West” or “West to South” causes government issues, as well as more expenditures and problems among ladies. To fix this difficulty, you can build a wall perpendicular to the north and south, resulting in a correct rectangle or square, and the separated area can be used for other purposes. The land plot increase from “West to North” can create mental unbalance and loss of money and vehicles, the land increase from “South to East” gives obstacles from the government, loss of money, and problems for women and children, and similarly, lands increased from “North to West” or “West to South” are also not good for wealth.

Another form of the plot is one where your property is at the end of the road or path, commonly known as a “Dead End”. These types of plots are extremely unfortunate. The ideal option is to sell the land, but if that is not possible, you may install a convex mirror in the gate to reflect excess energy soaring in that direction.

“T-junction”, where the three routes intersect, and if your main gate is located in the “T-junction”, it will be extremely hazardous for your house and family. One example is the Raj Durbar, where the royal massacre took place