Ever felt that subtle energy around you, shaping the ambiance of your home? Welcome to the world of Vaastu, where the balance of Earth, Human Karma, and Vaastu (physical surroundings) plays a pivotal role in influencing our well-being. In this intriguing

Unlocking Vaastu Gyan for a Smart Family

Vaastu, derived from the balance of Panchatatwa (five elements), symbolizes the interplay of Earth (our physical body), Water (blood), Fire (body temperature and digestion), Air (respiration), and Sky (the vacuum or sound box). It's about aligning these elements to create balance and positivity in our living spaces.

Directions and Angles:



Delving into the basics, Vaastu emphasizes the importance of directions and angles. The eight directions – north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest –carry unique energies. The pivotal point, Brahmasthan, anchors this cosmic dance.

Balancing Energies:



It rotates from west to east in an orbit where two forms of light—ultraviolet and infrared—come from the east together with the air. Infrared rays are transmitted from the morning until 11 am, so people should keep their windows and spaces open during that time. After 11 am, there is a high likelihood of harmful rays, also known as ultraviolet rays. Therefore, for the infrared rays to pass in the east, space should be open, and spacious, and also for the positive rays.

At a certain point, the energy from the west geomagnetic energy and the east health energy collide and cannot pass each other. Instead, they combine to form a new, bi-electromagnetic energy that strikes both directions, returns, and spreads across the areas.



Thus, the east and west of any house or area should be open, roomy, and have thin walls; the north and south should be walled off and have sturdy, substantial walls. Your chances of having an unstable financial situation, an unhealthy household, and several other problems may rise if your doors or entry are in this area.



Practical Tips for Your Home:

- Keep the east and west spaces open, allowing for the free flow of positive energies.

- Doors and entrances in the north and south may disrupt energy flow; remedy this by installing related measurement gauge copper wires.

- Utilize crystals and wires strategically to neutralize negative energy and encourage positive flow.

A Vaastu check for your house is similar to a physical health check in that it identifies any problems. Remedies are similar to treatments in that they may be used to bring harmony and balance back. Creating a setting that resonates well with the energies around us may be achieved via the use of Vaastu, the ancient science of building and design. We'll explore the mysteries of Vaastu in this series, providing helpful hints for your house and assisting you in creating a peaceful living space.

Stay tuned for our monthly Vaastu Gyan series, in which we'll explore particular subjects and offer solutions and insights to improve the positive energy in your house.



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Directions and Degrees:

- North: 337.5° to 22.5°

- Northeast: 22.5° to 67.5°

- East: 67.5° to 112.5°

- Southeast: 112.5° to 157.5°

- South: 157.5° to 202.5°

- Southwest: 202.5° to 247.5°

- West: 247.5° to 292.5°

- Northwest: 292.5° to 337.5°

- Brahma sthan is the central point.