“You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not a pizza.”

In recent times, pizza has become a handsome favourite in Nepal. It's quick and versatile, and the choices of toppings are just fantastic. You can eat it chilling in your room, on a street corner or in a restaurant. I think that pizzas are amazing with so many flavours and types. Most of us might be very known for the flavours but not for the ways. So keeping that in mind, I thought of trying pizzas made in different ways.


We visited different places that prepared the dish in different ways. They all served it deliciously with quality of their own. If you ask me to pick one, I will choose one slice from each. Are you thinking of trying different pizzas? Then, this is your sign. Go for it!


A Traditional Experience at The Roadhouse Cafe 

The Roadhouse Cafe has always been known for its leading hospitality and is also recognized as one of Nepal's first pizza chains and has been committed to maintaining high-quality standards since 1992. The Roadhouse Group now claims five Roadhouse Cafes, Roadhouse Pizzeria, the swanky Mezze by Roadhouse, a classic Italian restaurant - La Dolce Vita, a resort in Pokhara called Temple Tree.


Let me tell you something interesting about the brand "Roadhouse". The brand initially started with the two Kayestha brothers opening Roadhouse Café at the heart of the city in Thamel, inspired by the hit song- "Roadhouse Blues".


Roadhouse has a great ambience. The pizzas are incredible too. I am never going to get tired of them. The place is peaceful, and the vibe itself encourages optimism. This establishment located in Kathmandu has been a go-to spot for the locals who have loved its signature wood-fired pizzas and the Roadhouse dining experience since its opening. 


The decor of Mediterranean colours, wooden furniture and mosaics on the walls give the cafe an earthy feel and have set the tone for the interiors of the others. There is seating in the cosy garden patio at the back too. You can enjoy the great weather of Kathmandu and click a perfect selfie for the day. The people of Kathmandu have always loved the special wood-fired pizza from the Roadhouse. I don't think I need to explain anything more. 


To begin with, we had a Valentino Pizza. It was Woodfire Pizza introduced before lockdown and was incredible. There used to be the pizza of the month. Valentino was the one for February, Valentine's Month. We can know that my name too. Initially, it came in the shape of a heart. People loved it then Roadhouse added it to the menu. Now, it comes in the usual form, except for February.


Valentino Pizza includes Mozzarella, Bocconcini, Salami, Ham, Mushroom, Capsicum and Cherry Tomato. It had delicious toppings, and the crispy crust was amazing. The wood-fired one did leave a great impression on me as it was crunchy on the borders and soft on the inside. The ingredients were all fresh, and the taste kept getting better with every bite. Twelve inches might sound small, but trust me it isn't. It was chewy and soft. I could taste every ingredient added with a pinch of spice- it was perfect. The tastes blended so well together. I must say, if you love pizza, Valentino from Roadhouse is a must. You will not regret the choice. I bet you'll be back for it.





Pizza around the clock at Oh! My Chicken

Located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Oh! my Chicken has gained the popularity of many people in a short time. It is famous for its good topping and great taste. Oh, My Chicken has been focusing on customer service and quality food. This place was unexpected.

They had oven pizza different from what we tasted in Roadhouse. The woodfire pizza and oven pizza make a difference in the taste, look and base. The ambience was quite chill as it was on the rooftop. They decorated the sitting area with illustrations and a lot of plants. The place and sitting were overall good. The food seemed appealing at first look. They had so many varieties of pizza that anyone would be confused about what to try first. They focused more on the improvement of pizza and various styles of chicken, including hot wings and crispy fried chicken. 

The good thing about this place is the serving of 22 inches pizza. The size is big enough to serve a large number of people. The prices are affordable too. There were regular customers, new customers and several students visiting that place. The eatery was busy even on Sundays. Another impressive fact was that this place claimed to be a family restaurant, and they don't serve alcohol at all. People came there, enjoyed, had a good time and a good meal.

I must also not miss that they serve pizza in a "Nanglo". Differently sized Nanglos are displayed. That made it easier to choose the size. If you want a takeaway, they charge 300 extra for the nanglo. You can refund the Nanglo later. The place was good enough to be with friends, family, colleagues and small gatherings. 

We had the Meat Lovers pizza. This pizza had generous toppings - cheese, pork, chicken, sausage, tomatoes, etc. From the first to last bite, I got the taste of different meat. I must say it tasted good.

I couldn't get my hands off every next slice as the overall taste was cheesy and full of veggies. The dough had a perfect consistency. It was fascinating. 

I am certainly visiting again.

We also had crispy fried chicken. It was delicious. 

The chicken was evenly fried and tasted good too. 



It’s a Pan Full Of Goodness at Pizza World

Pan Pizza

Have you ever heard of pan pizza? If you haven't, you just did. Pizza world serves an amazing Pan Pizza. Go, try it.


What comes to your mind when you hear pan pizza? A pizza in a pan, right? That is what it exactly is, made in a pan! If you ask me what is so special about a pan pizza. I do have a great answer.


Pan Pizza have a thick, bready crust, usually at least 1 inch deep. The crust is fried and golden due to the oil in the pan. The pan pizza crust, also called the deep-dish pizza crust, is thicker and fluffier with more cheese because the dough has little to no room to expand, so it only grows in height and not width. 


Pizza world has done a great job in making pan pizza as good as it sounds. Located in 4 different locations-Kumaripati, Boudha, Pepsi-cola and Bhaktapur, pizza world serves pan pizza in all three districts. 


We tasted two pan pizzas from Pizza world. Just like the slogan of the place states (You will love it)-I loved it.

  1.  Super Supreme Salami (Medium Sized) -Rs. 750

This pizza was thick with cheese and was soft. The crust was thick, but the toppings were good. 

The taste of smoked chicken and chicken salami was very prominent. The red paprika and mozzarella had a real strong taste too. Every bite was worth it, and the sauce was good. I surely am going back for it.


  1. Veggie Royal (Medium) - Rs. 610

The Veggie Royal was special with fresh veggies that gave it a perfect taste. 

I found green capsicum, tomato, onion, black olives, and an abundant amount of cheese. Baby corn added exceptional taste to every slice. The cheesy flavour with a moist flavour was the best combination. The shape was perfect, and the taste was flavourful. 


Facts about Pan Pizza

  • Pan pizza is a pizza baked in a deep-dish pan.
  • The bottoms and sides of the crust become fried and crispy in the oil used to coat the pan. 
  • Chicago and Detroit-style pizza may be considered a pan pizza.


The ways of making it are different in all three places, but the happiness every slice brought to the customers was a commonality. As we all know, "Anytime is a good time for Pizza".