In the pages of life, we rarely find a perfect tale filled with glorious colors and where sadness doesn’t exist. The greatest of all women and men share one commonality a hypnotizing symphony of bright hues, and dark strokes with silver linings.

Ms. Paramita Rana began her career as a model when she was 16. With artistry and a flair for arts in her blood, she achieved her movie debut when she was 22. Taking a step forward and adding another gem to her life, she recently came out with her single, “Queen.” Loved by all, Ms. Rana is also a notable social influencer. We recently sat down with her, to know more about the role of her family in her journey, her highs and lows, the insights she gained on better connecting with family, and how much of a part music played in her recovery.  

You have a successful career, you are a strong social influencer, but you are also a family person. How has your family been through the entire journey?
I must say that I’ve always been blessed with my family’s love and support. From my early modeling days till now, my family has always supported me. Without their support I wouldn’t have reached where I am now. They have always been encouraging me no matter what project I lay my hands on. Specially my mom, who wants to see me achieving my dreams the most. She has been the most supportive since day one. In fact she was present on my first ever photo shoot and was the one who did my makeup and helped me with my attire. The whole team of that photo-shoot was stunned and happy at the same time to see such a loving and supportive mother. 

You’ve established yourself in the modeling and acting scene in Nepal. What has the overall journey been like? 
Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by my mother’s gorgeous modeling pictures. She was the first supermodel of Nepal. I still remember back in Grade one when our class teacher asked us who we wanted to be when we grew up. I confidently said that I wanted to be a supermodel. Modeling runs in the blood, and acting too. My mother is a fantastic actor. She used to do a lot of theater plays when she was small. She even directed our school play called “Pipe piper of Hamlin” back when I was in school. I started modeling at the age of 16. And since then I’m getting close to my dreams everyday. I did my debut movie when I was 22, and I’m so happy and proud to say that I’m following my passion and dreams. 

What was the biggest obstacle you faced during your time modeling?
Each and every project I have done till now was challenging in its own way. But I never took it in a bad way. Because right from the start I had made up my mind that I am here to stay and nothing is going to stop me. I was always dedicated and determined and gave my 110% in every project I’ve been a part of till now and it has taught me so much. I believe that life’s greatest teacher is one’s own experience.

How do you manage to keep in check with social media and your followers as well as plan and work on future endeavors?
The field which I am in has taught me time management. While I’m working I don’t even touch my phone. In between shots I take Instagram stories because once you’re a public figure you have to be active in social media to connect with your fans and well wishers. And to check my emails and keep me notified, I have a personal assistant.

You always have had a flare for creative arts. You have mentioned that you are a fan of fiction and fantasies, and you would love to get into script writing. Is there a chance that that might become a reality soon?
Yes I have been a fan of fiction and fantasies for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching Harry Potter and I’m a Potter head. Yes it will definitely become a reality but not anytime soon. I am writing a story but for now I’m focusing on my crafts. 

I guess this is the most demanded question, when will you release your new song? And is an album coming ?
I will be releasing my song next month. So excited already. For now it’s just going to be singles but will be working on an album too.

How important was your families role in your recovery? What advice would you like to give to parents to connect better with their children?
I am someone who is very good at hiding things. People won’t even know if I’m sad from the inside. I always used to put a happy faced mask. Even though if I’m dying from the inside I never wanted people to nag me and ask me what was wrong. For some reason I have never shared my pain to anyone. I always suffered silently and that led me to depression. I always wanted people to see me as a strong person, unbothered and unhurt by anything or anyone. But that was so very wrong. One day or the other I had to break down, and I started writing which helped me a lot. Later I shared my problems to my mother and as always she was the most supportive. 

Parents should be friends to their children so that they don’t have to hide anything. Yes they should be strict too to tell their children and make them understand what’s wrong and what’s right too but there should be a balance between being strict and being lenient. Some children are too scared to share hardly anything in their lives with their parents. This shouldn’t be the case. Children also should be very vocal about things with their parents if something is bothering them. They should tell them straight up. Don’t make the mistakes that I did hiding what was bothering me. I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. But sharing your problems to your loved ones doesn’t make you a burden.

What is your stand on bullying in school and in the digital world?
I am absolutely against it. No one should be the victim of bullying. People who get little of love and attention from their family or loved ones often start bullying other people for no specific reason. I guess they are just trying to fill the void by being mean to people. The main reason why I say be kind to people everyday is that we don’t know what each individual is going through. So the least we can do is be kind. Now cyber bullying is the worst. Just because you have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean you harass people. It breaks my heart when some people can’t see other people doing good in life. Why can’t we be more supportive toward others?

What advice would you like to give to those who are in challenging situations of life ?
You are not the only one going through a hard time. There are some people who are going through even more worse situation in life. We all feel like our own problems are the worst but no. We always need to be grateful for what we have. Being grateful attracts miracles and also I know it’s easy for me to say but always remain positive even in the darkest of times. Negativity isn’t going to get you anywhere. For example, instead of saying, “Nothing good will ever happen to me in life, this is it,” try saying “This is temporary. I’ll get through this. I have a bright future ahead.” Always be positive and grateful. And you will find out the difference for yourself.

How important was the role of music in your stages of recovery?
Music was, is and will always be my life. There hasn’t been one day that I go without listening to music. I’ve cried and laughed many times listening to my favorite music. It helps me to take out my emotions in the most beautiful way ever. Music must be the most beautiful thing ever created.