Siblings have this magical bond between them that is no matter the distance nor the stuff they never gave back -- impossible to break. When you meet Itchya and Rakchya together, you can’t help but notice the polarity in their personality but will always b

My sister,  My better half

When you found out that you were going to have a baby sister, what was your initial reaction?
Itchya: (laughs) I don’t even remember because we don’t have a lot of age gap between us. 

How would you describe Itchya as a big sister?
Rakchya: It’s so hard to describe her but I would say that she is like a puppy that brings a lot of happiness wherever she goes. But of course, like the puppy, there needs to be a lot of maintenance handling her and running around after her. But every time she enters a room, she is like this bubble of happiness that brightens the whole mood. 

How would you describe Rakchya as a little sister?
Itchya: Well, first of all I think she should have been the older sister which a lot of people agree on because of the way she is and how she takes care of me. She is really smart and rather a reserved person, but only when it comes to family. With her friends, she is this whole new different person which is why I always call her a true Gemini. She has these two sides to her: with friends she is a different person, and with family a whole new one. 

Even though she is my little sister, every time I have a lot of questions or have to take difficult decisions -- finance related or anything related to my life -- she is the person I go to for advice. I ask her what she genuinely thinks and that’s the way how our relationship has always been. And I’d describe her as a very intuitive person, down to earth, extremely smart and a true Gemini. 

As kids, what did you guys mostly used to fight about?
Itchya: : I used to make her do my homework (laughs).

Rakchya: Well, she made me do her homework on top of my homework and she should be thankful otherwise she would have failed. 

Itchya: I would beg her like “Please, do my homework!!” and it feels funny because it was of no use and really unnecessary now that I think of it (laughs).

Rakchya: But I think what we mostly fought for were toys. She would always throw these little tantrums and I would give her anything she wanted because it would be so annoying and I would be like “Here take it. Just shut up and leave!! (laughs). I have always been the understanding one and gave her anything she wanted. 

One advantage of being a little sister?
Rakchya: Well, there are so many but one of them is definitely, “The Beauty Bar” (laughs).

Itchya: She enjoys free beauty treatments and has definitely upgraded her beauty game (laughs).

Rakchya: When it comes to family and specially me, she has always been protective like a bodyguard. And when it comes to protecting me, it’s like I turn into a puppy and she is the bulldog (laughs).

Having a sister means the advantage of raiding each other’s closet, what is one piece of clothing of your sister that you absolutely adore and love stealing?
Itchya: I am the one that gives her fashion advice considering there is nothing in her closet to raid. 

Rakchya: No!!! My jeans and my shoes. She constantly keeps stealing my jeans and my new shoes. Because our bodies are opposite like our personalities. Her bottoms are bigger than mine and she takes them and when she returns it, it’s all stretched out and ruined. She ruins my shoes too (laughs).

Itchya: So, normally I steal her jeans and shoes only when I run out mine not because they’re fashion statements because her fashion sucks (Rakchya laughs). But, now it’s not that bad because most times she takes and wears everything that’s mine. If it fits her, then it’s hers (both laugh). 

Have you ever argued because your sister wore your clothes?
Rakchya: One time she left me without a jacket.

Itchya: And I didn’t even know that because I thought she left with another jacket. And all of a suddenly she sends me this hate message saying “You are such a selfish person” and I was shocked thinking what did I even do. 

Best lesson you have learnt from each other?
Rakchya: She is someone who is so fearless, isn’t hesitant to go out there and achieve something once her heart is set into it. I have no idea how she does this and what kind of magic she has but I am really proud to see her wanting something and getting it at the same time. Something I really genuinely proud about her. 

Itchya: She makes me see things from a perspective that I could never ever think of. Her nature is rather calm and collective. I, on the other hand, more than being fearless, I guess I am the kind of person who is  like if I want it, then I want it now and I am going to  make it happen. But she is always patient and takes her time. She has taught me that patience is a virtue. 

Having taken such different career paths from one another, what is the one common ground in which both of you bond the most?
Itchya: What we agree on is Beauty. When I moved back home from Canada, she didn’t even have a single clue about beauty. But, look at her now. She gets more dolled up than me these days.

Rakchya: When she came back from Canada, she would look at me and say you have a flaw here, here and there (laughs). She taught me that when you see yourself in a different form and light, you sort of get addicted to it and also both of us are really passionate about the things that we do.

Itchya: I think we both agree that we like doing make-up and all these girly things which we didn’t do in childhood like these kids do these days. We enjoy that a lot now. And specially, both of us are by heart “Entrepreneurs.” For example, if I come up with a studio then I will see these lights and I think what business I could do with this, even this camera I am looking at right now because I was going to start my own YouTube channel as well. It comes automatically to us and that is one thing common between us. I think we both have entrepreneurial goals. 

How important the support of your sister has been during your Miss Nepal journey ?
Rakchya: She’s played a rather significant role of my participation in Miss Nepal. Otherwise, knowing me, I would have never, never participated in it. She literally begged me and as you know she gets what she wants so she went on and filled up my forms and even submitted it herself. She persuaded me to do the interview and convinced me to do it once regardless of the outcome. 

Itchya: Knowing her, she isn’t the type that shows interest in beauty pageants but I was able to convince her as I looked at it as an opportunity and platform where she could learn from the best. Throughout the whole journey she hated me (laughs) because she was always hungry and she also lost around 11 Kgs. She was practically “hangry” at me. 

With Itchya’s newly married life, what is the one thing about her you miss the most at home?
Rakchya: I really miss her making us laugh. She would tell her stories and always make dad and mom laugh although she would get a bit annoying at times.(Itchya laughs)  Like I told you that she brings happiness wherever she goes so I miss the noise that she brought in the house because I am quiet most of the time. She would always come home and be all noisy like “ I am home!!!”, “Hi mom, hi dad” and I really miss that. 
A piece of advice you would give your sister for her future. 

Rakchya: I don’t know, well, I have known her my entire life and within all these years she has changed so much. She just keeps going and going, she is understanding what people are saying to her, she is learning every time, and I would love it if she keeps doing that. Don’t rush head on into things like you always do and don’t use your phone too much (laughs).Itchya: But my work is on my phone that is one thing that people don’t understand. Every time I am using my phone, it is always business related and never a personal message. But what advice that I would give to her is that I feel media is such a nice field to be in so I am just trying to get her involved in it so that she could get a platform. So “I think you should listen to me more” (both laugh). Be more open and meet more people because she used to be such an introvert but recently, I feel like she is coming out of her shell. I think she should definitely travel and explore more rather than be a bookworm before she settles down. 

As sisters, what advice you would like to give to sisters who struggle with their relationship?
Itchya: If you don’t fight with your sister then is she even your sister? As family, all of us are different people with different perspectives, so there are going to be times you don’t agree with someone. Especially as sisters, I feel like you want to find your own individuality. You don’t want to be carbon copy of your sister but be on your own paths to achieve what you want. We all are different and that is what makes us unique. If you have any differences between you and your sibling then it is always better to talk it out. One of you always have to be the one to break the ice and never let ego come in between your relationships whether its sisters, family, husband-wife or colleagues. 

Rakchya: Family is the most important and precious thing to cherish. Issues and disagreements are normal part of a relationship so making amends with one another and taking the high road for your relationship is the best thing to do.
Itchya: Blood is thicker than water and at the end of the day, family is the one thing that is going to be there for you.