Sisterly Love and Everything Else XOXO

It had been once famously said, “Having a sister is I like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”


In this issue of Smart Family Magazine, we talk about sisterly love, recollect memories, and everything else with the trio of the Maskey Sisters. Mrs. Shradha Maskey, the eldest has made a name for herself as one of the best in Make-Up Art. Miss Shilpa Maskey who shares a passion for dancing is also an actor and model, and the youngest Miss Sakchhi Maskey is a leading example of your never too young to do it all, as an entrepreneur she has her own studio, clothing brand and is also a Make Up Artist.


We sat down with the Maskey sisters to know more about their sibling relationship, parental support and gained some very important advice for keeping a healthy sibling relationship.


What inspired you to take on your careers?


Shradha: I liked how I could express myself through the way I do my makeup. I wanted people to know me artistically. 

I wanted to express myself through the art of makeup.


Shilpa: Career-wise, because I’ve always been a very introverted and shy person, I knew that in the career that I chose, I could be anyone I wanted to be without being judged and I can express myself through that character. 


Sakchhi: For me, the fact that I could use my art in all the professions I chose, either it being makeup or a designer of my brand. So thinking about how this same art within me could do so many things to inspire so many different people outside as well, I got inspired to do both.


Who is the one person you’ve looked up to your entire life?

Shradha: Our mom. Because she always pushes us, in whatever we want to do. Every time we do something or achieve something, she is proud of us. Because of that, we give our all to always try to make her proud.


Shilpa: It's our mom. She has always been an inspiration to me. She is one of the biggest support systems when it comes to us three having to make our own decisions. She’s one of the main reasons behind us getting to live the life of our choice. So I aspire to be like her and give that flexibility to my children as well.


Sakchhi: For me, it's myself. Looking at how I used to be and how I am now, it inspires me and realizes how far I’ve come. Comparing the old me and what I have become today, the things I’ve done and the difficulties I overcame makes me believe that I can do more in the future. 


If you weren’t in this profession right now, what do you think you’d be doing?

Shradha: I’d be an Interior Designer. I’ve always loved designing homes and decorating with plants and all that. Even now if I somehow have to stop doing makeup, I’d start interior designing.


Shilpa: I think I’d probably be a dance teacher as, from the beginning, I chose my career through dance. So if I wasn’t an actor, I’d be a dance teacher, like a choreographer or something.


Sakchhi: I would be studying Environment Science and working as an Environmental Activist. 


How would you describe your relationship with your sisters?

Shradha: We are close. Especially because all three of us are in the same field, in every decision-making process, when it comes to our work, we always discuss things with each other and are always there for each other. We either go back and forth among each other, when it is about our profession or just in general. We’re like best friends.


Shilpa: Even though we’re sisters, all three of us have different personalities and we don’t expect any of us to be like any of us, which, makes the relationship much stronger. Like any other family, we fight sometimes too, but then we get along right away.

We’re more like best friends and we always share our feelings. We have been like those typical sisters our entire lives, fighting over the smallest things. However, at the end of the day, we’re more like best friends, always sharing our feelings, respecting each other's personal space, and, of course, loving each other. 


Sakchhi: For me, they are my life saviour, in every situation. We’re like best friends, and as I’m the smallest sibling, all my life, everyone has always taken care of me, for which I’m grateful for the most. 


How much support have you received from your family as you chose different career paths, unlike contemporary society?

Shradha: Our parents have always been supportive. For me, I went to London to study business but then ended up switching my career to make-up. At first, they objected a little because I’d completely left my studies to pursue makeup. But then, as time passed by, I proved myself and my ability to them and soon enough, they have been proud of me and supported my choices all along. 


Shilpa: Both our parents are very supportive. The career path that I chose, an actress in the Nepali film industry, is quite different and risky. Like, every day, I wake up to the fact that I don’t know what kind of news is going to come about me and if it is true or false, positive or negative. My parents, they have always been there to guide me through what should be done. At the same time, no matter what people say, they have always been positive, trusted me and the support of my family has been the backbone of my entire journey.


Sakchhi: We’ve always received all kinds of support from our parents. They’ve always understood what we are doing and what our work means to us. Although there were, times when some gaps were created in between as we chose different career paths, unlike the common perception of the society when it comes to career, our parents have always believed in us and supported us at the most. 


Looking at everything you’ve achieved so far, What advice would you give to your younger self?

Shradha: I wish I’d known what I wanted to do from a younger age. Like, if I would’ve spent my time learning and practicing make up rather than wasting it on studying something else, then maybe It would've been more helpful to me now. 


Shilpa: I wish I were more extroverted as I grew up than I used to be. I wish I was less shy of a person and was willing to talk to more people, explore myself more. Because, you know, as I went to London at a very small age, I was more dependent on my sister and my parents. So, I wish I could have started being independent a bit earlier and allowed myself to understand, accepted and believed in myself sooner. 


Sakchhi: I wish I were more strong and bold. Also, I wish I was not that lazy (laughs).


What are the things that you’d want other people to remember about you?

Shradha: To remember my work. More like, I hope they remember me through the art that I’ve put out to the world. 


Shilpa: Like any artist, I want people to remember me by my work. After, let's say, after 50 years or so, if people remember me, I want them to look at me through the effort I’ve put out as I express myself through my acting and dancing. 


Sakchhi: I want to be remembered as a good artist who inspires people. I want to bring a change in people’s thinking and make them believe that being in Nepal, as a teenager, you can still do everything you want.

(Shilpa: I think she’s one of the very inspiring young people. She inspires me because she has this whole new level of energy and potential. Like she wakes up at 4 am every morning, works hard until 4 pm every day and still manages to go out and have fun with her friends during the evening at this young age.)


What advice would you give to sisters living apart when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship?


Shradha: You always have to make efforts to stay in touch with each other. Like we used to message and call each other all the time, even for the silliest things. Although there is a big age gap between us, we still manage to accompany and understand each other by maintaining a connection. There always has to be that connection with one another, which is what keeps them close.


Shilpa: We have had a long-distance relationship for quite a while. I think the main part is communication; sharing your feelings and emotions, which eventually builds a good connection. Yeah, it's more about communicating and sending more memes in social media (laughs). 

When it came to us, even if we didn’t talk for, like a couple of days, we still felt connected with each other. There were times when I needed them, after having a very long day or so, but at the end of the day, we have always been there for each other. 


Sakchhi: You should always be connected and never be jealous of your sisters, that’s very unhealthy. And the other thing is you should always love your younger sister and bring her a lot of gifts. (Looks at Shilpa and Shradha, laughs)


Rapid Fire Round:


1. What is your favourite food right now?

Shradha: Mo: Mo


Shilpa: Pizza


Sakchhi: Pork Mo: Mo


2. Which is the one place on the top of your bucket list?

Shradha: Greece


Shilpa: Maldives


Sakchhi: Mt. Everest


3. Who is your favourite superhero, and why?

Shradha: Batman, because he looks cool (laughs)


Shilpa: Thor, because he is hot

Sakchhi: Wonder Woman, well, because she is Wonder Woman, duh.


4. If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?

Shradha: Val Garland, she’s like my inspiration.


Shilpa: I’d be a famous Hollywood actress to experience what it would be like. 


Sakchhi: With a guy—any guy.


5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? And Why?

Shradha: Time travelling and go back in time to like hundreds of years before. 


Shilpa: I’d be invisible for a day and see what people do behind my back.


Sakchhi: Reading people's mind.



6. What is the one thing that you’re most afraid of?

Shradha: Losing someone close to me.


Shilpa: Heights.


Sakchhi: Horror Movies.


7. As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Shradha: An Interior Designer


Shilpa: I wanted to be a dance teacher


Sakchhi: I wanted to be everything, and now I am everything (laughs)


8. What is your favourite compliment that people give you?

Shradha: They say that I’m a very cheerful person. Like I’m very fun to be around.


Shilpa: I like it when people compliment my work rather than my appearance. And when they say that they like my smile.


Sakchhi: They say I’m cool, bold and very straight forward. I get that a lot.


9. What is the first thing you see in a person when you first meet them?

Shradha: Shoes. I judge people by their shoes.


Shilpa: I notice when people enter the room and make an effort just to say hello, how they introduce themself, which says a lot about their personality. 


Sakchhi: Shoes.


10. What is one side of you that normal people don’t notice?

Shradha: That I’m a mom.


Shilpa: That I am a very lazy person.


Sakchhi: My emotional instability, as if the