The beauty of life comes when all things are at a balance. This is hard to achieve especially for those who have multiple endeavors. Trishala Gurung has a staggering reputation built on her beautiful voice and humble heart. A doctor and singer, she over t

Our team was more than delighted to put together this shoot at the quaint venue of Nanglo Cafe & Pub. After a few great shots, I got to speak with her and ask her a few questions. The motive was simple, to know Trishala for who she is and how she came this far. 


Multi-tasking is not everyone’s cup of tea. How do you manage to balance two aspects which are polar opposites (Singer & Doctor)? 

Multi-tasking is difficult, yes, especially when it comes to balancing two endeavors which are polar opposite. To be frank, I wouldn’t consider myself as an individual who has been able to create a good balance. Both fields require extreme dedication, patience, and effort. Achieving a balance is difficult due to the never-ending desire to create harmony. During this process, one must be quick and cautious, if not, things don’t work out very well.  

When it came to making a choice between singing and becoming a doctor, I prioritized my academics. I made sure I used my abilities to the fullest, did the best I could and then when I was academically stable, shifted my focus to my music. It was more about prioritizing my interests and giving my best to it. 


Why didn’t you choose to have a career as a singer? Was being a doctor always your first priority?

To be honest, singing was never my first foot forward because of two major reasons. First, my aim in life was to be a successful doctor and contribute to the wellness of the society. Second, the fact that I did not realize I was good enough to be a successful singer. 

Looking back at it now, various experiences helped me come this far in terms of my singing. The support of my friends and well-wishers was the boost that helped me overcome difficult times. I was lucky enough to be able to pursue this beautiful art as a career. 


Who is Trishala Gurung beyond what the world knows? 

Trishala Gurung is a human being, a daughter, friend and a sister before anything else.[BP1]  I don’t really know how the world perceives me, but I’m a very jolly person who loves joking around. I try to stay positive and do my best to lift people's spirits. 

In today’s day and age, it's impossible to escape the mass media? How do you maintain a healthy balance? 

I am who I am because of the love of the people who see me, listen to me, and accept me. So, I’ve never been someone who tries to “escape” the mass that appreciates me. I do my best to respectfully interact with the people I meet, and they’ve always done the same to me.

Was there ever a time you decided to drop one of your life choices? If you did, what was it and why? 

Well, I always knew that I wanted to complete my academics and get a degree first, before I could focus on anything else. So, that’s what I did. I dedicated my time and energy to it, and now that I’ve completed that, I’m focusing on my music.

Life isn’t always rainbows and cookies, can you share an experience which was very overwhelming? 

Finding a balance is difficult when both sides require optimum focus. One can’t and shouldn’t try doing anything and everything at the same time. 

When I look back at it, the final year of college was very challenging for me. There was a lot going on with my academics which required my full attention, and I wasn’t able to invest as much time as I’d wanted in my music. [BP2] 

What are the perks of being Trishala Gurung? Can you share with us a few good memories? 

The joy of being able to do what I love is the greatest perk, I guess. The love, respect, and the acknowledgment that I receive for me and my music, from my well-wishers, is by far the greatest perk.

Family is the greatest motivator or the worst critic. How did your family react to your choices? Has there ever been an instance where they’ve disagreed with something?

My family has been my greatest motivators, and my worst critics. They’ve always been very honest and real with me, which has helped me keep myself in check every time I lose my way. I feel like them being so, has helped me find my balance in life.

How would you define spirituality? 

Spirituality is the self-realization of your soul. Self-realization in turn, helps you learn more about yourself, and about your purpose in life.

Social media is vital, but it's evident how today’s generation seems to be more focused on their virtual life. What is your opinion on this matter? What advice would you give to them? 

Times have changed, and virtual presence has a strong significance in today’s life. However, we have to remember to be present in the moment, with the people that are important in our lives. Virtual events can be recorded, revisited, and relieved, but real-life events cannot. So, we should try to experience life as it happens, and not live it through its virtual representation.