Hello October, the festive season is upon us. Autumn flowers are all ready to bloom making our gardens bright and beautiful. Now that the rains are receding, it’s time to get your hands dirty, cleaning and digging and pruning your garden or find some othe

Garden Goals

For most gardeners, gardening is not only a hobby, it is a form of art. Special gardens allow gardeners to express their dreams, and their reflections of different concepts.


There are so many different ways of growing plants and adding greenery to your space without having to dig and mulch your way through.


Let’s dive into some some of the most interesting ideas of growing plants, especially for those of us living in crowded cities and confined to a small space.


The Vertical Garden is all about growing ‘UP’. This is a special kind of urban gardening using walls and rooftops vertically upwards. As urban population continues to grow and as arable land is diminishing rapidly across the globe this is definitely one method all big cities should be adopting. They are a beautiful feature in any office or home and really give a space that cool look. Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand are some of the Asian countries who have stunning Vertical gardens. In Europe, vertical farms can be found in Germany, France, UK and the Netherlands. The vertical garden is one of the ways we can enhance green spaces, and we must all embrace it.


Botanical wall art is another great way to add colour to your walls and interiors. The real art and science of botanical art and illustration began in ancient Greece some 4000 years ago. This is when people began using illustrations to identify plants and flowers. If you are a big fan of plants and their related parts, botanical art is what you need to decorate your space. Botanical artwork is meant to be scientifically descriptive and represent parts of a plant or the whole plant in a scientifically accurate manner. These illustrations take on a very artistic note when you work with specific flowers and beautiful leaves, giving it a special place in the field of artworks.


This of us who so desperately want to be plant parents but always end up over caring for our plants and killing them, this is the perfect solution. You can bring in the greens in the form of these botanical wall art. You can't kill them for sure.


Terrariums, now this is such a cute interesting way to grow small decorative plants in a sealed grass container. It is a great way to get a dozen of nature indoors. Plants that thrive in high humidity and low light like germs, mosses, air plants and peperomia are the best for Terrariums.

The name comes from the Latin word terra which means earth and arium which means a place. Like an aquarium, just for plants and earth instead of fish and water.


It looks like a miniature garden housed inside a glass functioning well on its own ecosystem, watering themselves through transpiration and condensation.


Hydroponics is another interesting way of growing your own food using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil. From watermelons to jalapeños to orchids, plants flourish when grown using this method. Using minimal space, 90% less water than traditional agriculture, hydroponics is gaining much popularity around the world and especially here in Nepal.


These are just few of many ways we can grow and plan our gardens and I believe there are more and more new ideas being discovered and experiments as we speak. Growing your own garden, your food, your flowers, all of this has a lot more benefits than we can ever imagine. Along with human being, animals, our environment, and even the tiny beneficial bacteria we do not see, we all benefit from this. The greener spaces we have around us, the more chances of balancing our ecosystem, and this is a responsibility we all should take on - seriously.


On a less serious note, The Green Owl family wishes you a beautiful festive season ahead. Happy Dashain folks.