1. What are the basic factors that should be kept in mind before planning a garden? 

Things that should be kept in mind before planning a garden :

  • Select the best site: The first important thing to consider while planning a garden is selecting the best site that consists of all the basic factors like sun, soil, and climate.


  • Follow the sun: Most plants desire full sunlight, which means they will need access to the sun for at least six hours a day.


  • Stay close to water: We all need water. We can’t live without it. You need to keep this in mind when looking for a garden location. Consider putting your garden near a water spot.


  • Start with good soil: The soil is the foundation of your garden. You can always work on your soil to make it better, but if you have a place in your yard that already has decent soil, that would be the ideal place to start.


  • Space the plants correctly: Plants should be spaced three feet apart from the centre root. This ensures that the material has plenty of room to settle its roots and grow upwards 

  1. Why should you plan a garden and not do it random or haphazardly?

A well-planned garden is easier to care for. It saves time in the garden and is more productive than an unplanned garden. The planned garden receives a good amount of sunlight, proper drainage facilities, proper nutrients availability and so on. Plants grow properly and the yield of the products keeps increasing if we plan proper gardening. There will be fewer chances of resistance to diseases and parasites in plants. So, while Planning a garden you already have spent a lot of money so you must plan a garden rather than doing it randomly or haphazardly. 


  1. How do I start the design of a garden and who can help me with it?

Starting the design of the garden: 

              a.) Decide how you want to use your garden.

              b.) Make a plant wish list.

              c.) Learning basic garden design concepts.

              d.) Choosing the right Plants.

              e.) Access to water, proper sunlight and nutrients.

              f.) Visit a proper garden centre and ask for a solution.

 Choose a gardener who has proper knowledge of gardening, design concepts and selecting plants that are favourable to the environment. 


4. Are there different styles of planting a garden? If there is, what are they?

   Yes, there are different styles of plant gardens. They are:

  1. Traditional Garden Style:
  2. Modern/contemporary Garden Style: 
  3. Cottage Garden Style: 
  4.  Natural (new perennial) Garden style

There are other styles too.

With only a few primary styles, selecting the garden style that's best for you becomes much less frightening. Once you understand the fundamentals, you may combine, contrast, and modify components from each garden style to produce a layout that is as distinctive as you are.


5. How do we plan a flowerbed or borders?

 Even within the same garden, each border has unique growing conditions, and some plants will be more suitable than others. There are a few considerations to make before you begin building the border of your dreams.

  1. Consider your soil type
  2. Determine how much sunlight your garden borders receive
  3. Select the best plants for your garden’s border area
  4. Pick a theme
  5. Maximize your border's impact
  6. Pattern creation
  7. Create the ideal backdrop
  8. Maintain interest in your garden borders throughout the year


6. What are the factors that matter while starting to plant a garden?

 The factors that matter while starting to plant a garden are : 

            a.) Environment: It is one of the most important factors to consider while starting to plant a garden. There must be favourable environmental conditions to plant different plants. 

            b.) Soil type: Soil should be moist with proper PH. 

          c.) Water availability and quality: There should be access to water as plants cannot grow without water and the quality of the water should be favourable for plants.

          d.) Resistance to Diseases and Pests: The area where Plants are planted should be free from pests and diseases. The area must be clean and access to required facilities for plants to be Grown. 

            e.) Temperature and Humidity: Optimum temperature and relative humidity are required for plants to grow properly.

            f.) Maintain your Garden regularly: Water the plants before they wilt. Weeding time and again is a must. Get rid of dead, dying, and diseased vegetation. 


7. What are the most basic things people need to know about the garden and its aspects?

 The most basic things people need to know about the garden are;

  •  Favourable Climatic Conditions: Favourable climatic conditions like optimum temperature, and relative humidity.
  • Selection of Plant Varieties.
  • Selection of Location: The location should be selected where the plant gets the proper amount of sunlight, well-drained and fertile soil, and better drainage facilities.
  • Space required: If there is not enough space between plants then resources like nutrients, water and light are squeezed out or consumed and the plants can suffer. Improper spacing can lead to slow plant growth, low yields and overall reduced plant health.


   8.   What should and should not be done while planning a garden?

          The following things should be done while planning a garden :

  a.)  Selecting the garden location.

  b.)  Deciding on the size of the garden.

  c.)  Determining the types and varieties of plants.

  d.)  Planning when and where to plant in the garden. 

  e.)  Keeping your tools simple.

  f.)   Set up new garden beds.

  g.)  Paying more attention to the soil.

          The following things should not be done while planning a garden:

  a.) Planting everything at the same time.

  b.) Poor selection of Planting sites.

  c.) Do not select a site with an unfavourable environment.

  d.) Do not plant invasive species.


  1. What is the most important part of the whole process?     

                 The most important part of the whole process is : 

  • Passion. If they are passionate about the gardening process they can grow many varieties of plants with good care. 
  • Patience: Patience is the most important thing that people should learn while gardening. 
  •  Quality of the products: Good quality products should be consumed while gardening like good quality seeds, and good quality fertilisers.
  • Choosing a gardener: A gardener with good references or reviews should be selected who has got good knowledge about different varieties of plants and a good experience with designs and layouts.


  1. Do you have any suggestions and recommendations for people who tend to start or have just started a garden plan?

 The Suggestions are as follows;

  • Pick the best garden spot
  • Clear the garden area
  • Select fertile and well-drained soil
  • Prepare your planting beds
  • Choose the correct varieties of plant 
  • Water the plant at the right time 
  • Protect your plants from diseases and pest
  • Maintain your garden regularly
  • Execute your garden works only after you are done with construction, paint jobs or any other repair/maintenance 



  •  If you need assistance, visit the Garden Centre nearby.
  •  Consult a plant consultant for selecting a species of plants.