Soaltee Hotel Limited Concludes Successful 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

49th AGM of Soaltee Hotel Limited - 11th Jan, 2024

AGM Approved Distribution of Total Dividend at the Rate of 31.57894737% (Cash Dividend at the rate of 26.57894T8T% and Bonus Shares at the rate of S% of the Subscribed and Paid-up Capital. 


Soaltee Hotel Limited, one of the leading Hotel in the hospitality industry, successfully conducted its 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on January 11, 2024, under the Chairmanship of its Executive Chairman, Mr. Dinesh Bahadur Bista.

The 49th AGM of the Shareholders unanimously approved the Directors' Report to the Shareholders and Financial Statements, comprising of Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income, Cash Flow Statement, and Statement of Changes in Equity and Notes to Financial Statement along with the Auditors' Report and Consolidated Financial Statement for the fiscal year of 2022/2023 (2079/80) comprising the Financial Statement of the Company and its Subsidiary Companies of the Company; 


The 49th Annual General Meeting approved the total Dividend of 31.57894737% (CashDividend at the rate of 26.57894737% and Bonus Shares at the rate of 5% of the Subscribed and Paid-up Capital) to Shareholders of the Company.


Further, the 49th AGM decided to appoint M/s. J B Rajbhandary & Dibins, Chartered Accountants, Kathmandu as the Statutory Auditors & Tax Auditors (Auditors) of the Company for the Fiscal Year 2080/81 (2023/2024) and ratified their remuneration for the Fiscal Year 2080/81 (2023/2024).


Soaltee Hotel Limited expresses gratitude to its valued shareholders and stakeholders for their continued support and confidence.