Samsung, Nepal’s largest and most trusted consumer electronics brand, launched its 2022 range of artificial intelligence-enabled AI EcoBubble™ fully automatic front load washing machines.

Samsung Launches its AI EcoBubble™ Washing Machine Range for 2022

The new line-up comes with an all-new AI Control feature for an effortless laundry experience and larger capacity models going up to 9 kg, as consumers shift their preference to bigger washing machines. 

The 2022 washing machine line-up, with 4 new models, comes with intelligent features such as AI Control, Ecobubble Technology and Hygiene Steam 


AI Control learns and remembers your laundry habits and suggests smart solutions like Laundry Recipe, Laundry Planning, HomeCare Wizard and location-based recommendations The 2022 line-up of washing machines comes equipped with Samsung’s proprietary EcoBubble™ technology that helps save energy while providing 45% extra fabric care. All new models come with Hygiene Steam technology that is capable of removing ingrained dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. 


AI EcoBubble™ is Nepal’s first washing machine that learns user behaviour and suggests the most preferred wash cycle. This smart Internet of Things (IoT) enabled washing machine line-up can be connected with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Smart TVs as well as Alexa and Google Home.


When connected with the Samsung SmartThings App, AI EcoBubble™ washing machines provide best wash options basis 2.8 million big data points. Laundry Planner enables users to schedule the end time of their laundry while Laundry Recipe gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on information such as colour, fabric type and degree of soiling provided by the user. Going Out Mode helps in delaying the end time and prevents clothes from being left in the washer for too long. In addition, HomeCare Wizard proactively alerts users about potential problems and provides quick troubleshooting.


Price, Availability, Offers & Warranty

The new line-up of washing machines will be available across all retail partners in Nepal, under the dealer network of Samsung’s Authorized distributors HIM Electronics & Tribeni Byapaar starting price of NPR 117,990.


Consumers will get a 1-year warranty on AI EcoBubble™ washing machines and 10 years warranty on DIT motors.


Consumers buying the new washing machine range can also get easy financing options such as no-cost EMI from selected Samsung Smart Plazas.


Features of Samsung’s AI-powered Washing Machines


AI Control

The AI controls provide smart solutions like Laundry Recipe, Laundry Planning, HomeCare Wizard and location-based recommendations to make doing the laundry easier and more effective.


AI Pattern ensures that cycles are personalized and optimized to fit your needs and lifestyle to give a better laundry experience. It also helps fix errors without the need to call the service center or flip through the manual. 


AI EcoBubble™

Samsung’s EcoBubble™ technology uses a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water producing a rich soapy foam cushion that penetrates 40 times faster. With less mechanical actions and a bubble cushion, the technology provides 45% extra fabric care. The Super Eco Wash program washes at just 15°C, with the results of a 40°C wash, using just 30% of the energy as a result.


Bubble Soak

Bubble Soak functions simply and effectively remove various types of stubborn stains, like blood, tea, wine, make-up and grass with one touch. 



AddWash lets the user add extra items or detergent after the wash cycle has started. One can add forgotten items, additional softener and rinse-only items anytime during a cycle.


Hygiene Steam

Hygiene Steam deep cleans clothes by releasing steam from the bottom of the drum and making the laundry thoroughly saturated. Hygiene Steam removes ingrained grime and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. 


Digital Inverter Technology

DIT utilizes strong magnets for quieter and more powerful performance but uses less energy as compared to a Universal Motor with a brush. This is backed up by a 10-year warranty that guarantees the long life of your washing machine.


Drum Clean/ Drum Clean +

Drum Clean allows one to keep dirt and bacteria out of your washer without using any chemicals. It removes 99.9% of bacteria from the inside of the washer and removes dirt from the rubber gasket. Based on testing by Intertek of the Drum Clean + cycle. The washing machine automatically notifies the user when it needs cleaning.


Stay Clean Drawer

The StayClean Drawer ensures that more of the detergent is washed away with a specially designed water flushing system. So, all residual detergent or softener is fully utilized and the tray stays cleaner and more hygienic.


Super Speed Cycle

The SuperSpeed Cycle feature can be simply used to wash a full load in just 59 minutes. Eco Bubble™ technology ensures powerful cleaning, while the rinsing time is shortened using Speed Spray. It also accelerates the spin speed to quickly spin-dry clothes. 


QuickDrive™ technology not only drastically speeds up laundry cycles, but also makes the process much simpler and more energy-efficient. The innovative fabric care drum is equipped with a pulsator that creates a unique dynamic action to wash your clothes quickly and efficiently, every time. 


Auto Dispense

Auto Dispense enables you to wash clothes thoroughly with less time and effort. It automatically dispenses the appropriate amount of detergent and softener for each load, saving 26% of detergent and 46% of softener. The easy-to-refill detachable tank can hold enough detergent for up to 1 month of washing.