The collection is an embodiment of seamless transition from one state of mind to another which reflects in one’s hair cut, colour, and style. Streax Professional along with celebrity stylist Vipul Chudasama presented the collection at a stellar show.

Streax Professional Showcases its Latest Collection ‘Mercurial’ in Kathmandu

Streax Professional, the professional product range for hair care, colour, and style, specially crafted for salon professionals and hairdressers, showcased its latest collection of hair colours and styles, Mercurial, at a fashion event in Kathmandu today. The audience was left spellbound as the collection unraveled some exquisite looks from the Mercurial collection. 


Streax Professional with celebrity stylist Vipul Chudasama presented the mercurial collection, as part of the association with the brand to create magic in the world of haircare. Vipul Chudasama is a true game changer in the hair and salon business. Vipul has led more than 520 illustrious hair shows, seminars and exclusive masterclasses. He has styled top celebrities for talented fashion designers and showcased his creation at Haute Coiffure Francaise in Paris. He has also been the face of top international brands.


Streax Professional’s Mercurial collection brings about seamless transition from your current state of mind and takes you to a world of change, exuberance, and fantasy. It shifts your mindset from the boring, mundane, and everyday life and transitions you through layers of novel, unique, and different possibilities that reflects in your hair’s cut, colour, and style.

The collection is a definite hit for audiences who like to experiment with variety at their disposal: 


SUPERCHARGED, is an integral part of the collection which feeds the excited mind as it allows for departure into the contrasts of impulsiveness, harmony, boldness, and austerity. These blended together creates a bold escapism into the extremes which is what is perfect for the fashion forward audience. 


NATURAL ME is an amalgamation that transitions you from one extreme to another. It entices audiences that want to strike a balance when ‘Softness meets Rawness’ the principle underlying theme of this variant. It showcases itself beautifully when conventional brightness and lightness meets monochromatic colourways with a pronounced touch and feel factor. The tonal layered looks in this collection is given its depth through chunky knits.


 OTHERWHERE transitions you to altogether another world, where you feel a longing to reach as it gives you a sense of belongingness and oneness. It depicts a lot about folklore, coupled with characteristics of freedom and self-determination. It is a look crafted for people who are thinkers, loners and enjoy the company of oneself the best. 


Streax Professional also organised a look-and-learn seminar before the showcase, led by Vipul Chudasama and the Streax Professional technical and education team. 


Rochelle Chhabra, Head - Professional Division (Streax Professional), Hygienic Research Institute, said, “Hair always tells a story, a story of your persona, your ideologies, and your state of mind. We are a brand that enjoys customising different styles and looks for our contemporary customers for whom haircare is a way of life. Consumers today enjoy being spoilt for choice and we at Streax Professional like to indulge our audiences with versatility. With the Mercurial collection, we have tried to showcase three distinct head-turning styles and looks, representing transformation in all its forms. Our newest collection promises to blend varied styles and looks with modern-day influences for fashion enthusiasts.”


Vipul Chudasama, celebrity hairstylist said, “As hairstylists, we are always on the lookout for fashion-forward collections that can challenge our creativity and innovation in cut, colour and style. Streax Professional has yet again nailed it with Mercurial, a perfect new-age collection for the trendy consumers of today. The added advantage of the collection is its versatility and effervescence that works wonders on all hair types.” 


The event showcased hairstyles from the collection created using the perfect blend of Streax Professional's range of products. In the presence of enthusiastic audiences, the program 'Show Stopper' had heightened its charm, featuring the celebrated Nepali actress Keeki Adhikari in the Nepali film and television industry.


About Streax Professional Streax Professional – a brand closely associated with style and glamour in the salon business- was launched in 2007 by Hygienic Research Institute. Streax Professional is the smart choice for smart Indian stylists and consumers. Launching innovative products with well-researched formulations, especially suited to Indian hair types, Streax Professional is the forerunner in the professional segment with the widest distribution network. Streax Professional Hair colourant range (Colour, Developer and Ultralights) is on a continuous growth path and has a partnership with over 25,000 salons in India and overseas. 


About Hygienic Research Institute Established in 1957, Hygienic Research Institute Private Limited (HRIPL) is a prominent Indian beauty and personal care product company specializing in beauty, haircare, skincare, and professional products. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company and GMP- certified manufacturing facilities company, HRI implements pathbreaking innovations and personal care solutions. The company’s portfolio includes prominent hair care and hair colour brands, Vasmol, Streax, Streax Professional and skincare brand Florozone. With more than six decades of cutting-edge research and over 50 products across divisions, the use of proven natural ingredients and technology tie-ups with the world’s leading cosmetic and research companies, HRIPL products have always delivered products of quality.

HRIPL products adhere to Indian BIS quality standards as well as global FDA standards. HRIPL today has six functional production locations in Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh, and Guwahati. Its staff of over 700 employees caters to the ever-growing demand for its range of products. Hygienic Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. offers its brands in more than 25 countries across the world, in regions like South and SouthEast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the UK, and the US with personalized products to suit the specific needs of each market and its consumers.