How Protective is  Too Protective
Being a parent must really be a non-stop rollercoaster ride filled with anxiety, angst, exhaustion, and fear. How far do you have to go to look out for your child? Is there a cheat that allows you to be a perfect parent? Well, of course not! I guess you learn as you experience it! But kids tend to do the weirdest things, and it is worrisome whether or not they will learn from their mistakes and make the right choice. They’re the ones who’ll eventually have to make their own choices, so why keep clinging on to them and hovering over every minute detail.
Kids tend to hurt themselves. They’ll fall, make mistakes and I believe that is necessary for them to learn. As a parent, you can only do so much and letting them go through all that is a part of parenting. Of course, you’d want your child to not get hurt at all, but that doesn’t teach them anything does it? Wanting to protect your child is parental instinct and there’s nothing you can change about it, but maybe you should sometimes wonder if you’re going a bit overboard.  
Let your kid tell you his/her likes and dislikes. You’ll get to learn more about your kid, plus you’ll be supporting his/her hobbies and interests. 
Give them chores! You can’t do everything for them. Take the time to teach them to do the chores, help them one last time and make sure they understand how things are done. They’ll learn responsibility and you can also rest for a moment. 
Try not to go overboard with your pampering. It’s difficult to see your own child upset or get hurt and of course you’d want to be there for them. Don’t treat every instance like it’s the end of the world. Let them sort out their emotions and handle their problems in their own pace. No trips to the store for ice cream for every scratch and cut that your child gets. Give them a hug, calm them with warm words as you talk about what’s been bothering them.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose the people your child befriends? That is almost like playing Sims! It's good to be able to break the ice for them sometimes, but don’t force them into making friends with someone just because you can say “Wouldn’t it be great if you were friends with mum’s best-friend’s kids!” But step in case of some questionable friendships that are harmful for your child, both mentally and physically.
Instead of wishing for rainbows and unicorns, let in the harsh reality of the world. Be the guide to your children as you drop the curtains on the real world. Teach them the dos and don’ts before they seek to learn from friends or strangers.  Be there to teach your kids the ways of the world like only a loving parent can.