“Tranquility is an inseparable part of my life. It has been the place I come for peace and balance. The calmness and enthusiasm in the environment always fills me with energy and helps me relax.

Bijay Lama is a senior captain and has been in this field for more than 3 decades, he has also been in an acting career for 4 decades and is also a player on national level. He has always been conscious with his diet and fitness but most of all that keeps him healthy and happy is him living with the motto “Discipline, Dedication and Devotion, the 3 Ds of Life”. Having a near death experience made him realise how valuable life is and the only thing he wants to achieve is a good life and a good death, he tries and maintains himself as much as he can.

“I can’t thank Tranquility enough for helping me make so many changes in my life. I come here to work out for 2 hours and feel relaxed. The services and equipment are of international standard. You can find a salon, parlor, fitness arena, spa and whatever you need for your body here in Tranquility.” The fitness training, therapy, weight training, sauna, gym, swimming pool, tennis court and facilities have quite impressed Bijay Lama.

Tranquility as its name has peace and calmness in its environment and it’s a place you fall in love with once you visit. Bijay Lama shares that he doesn’t have the same routine everyday but whenever he has time, he finds some to visit Tranquility. He has been visiting Tranquility for long enough and appreciates the humbleness there.

Captain Bijay Lama describes himself as a man with variation, similar to his personality his life is full of variation as well. But, during this giddiness he always tries to complete the daily exercise he has committed to. “No one has enough time and everyone is busy but it's more about what you prioritise. If you prioritise sleep today you commit to an unhealthy life tomorrow but if you commit to maintaining your fitness today, you commit to a healthy tomorrow. Everyone should make time for things that make them a better person.”, he says.

Bijay Lama clearly insists on living life the right way and this basically is the reason why he is invested in his healthy habits; he trusts Tranquility for this. “I am a simple man with discipline and I look for that everywhere. My job demands discipline and Bijay Lama as a person is a man with simple thoughts.”, he states.

“I recommend Tranquility to everyone around because of its world class standard facilities, good trainers and staff and their humbleness and the feeling you experience with the calm environment here. Tranquility is also available in Pokhara, Kupondole, Lazimpat and many more places. If you want a peaceful and good environment and want to spend your life in a good way you must visit Tranquility. We have one of the best trainers Sujan KC who has trained me to be the best version of myself.” – Captain. Bijay Lama.