Ishwor started a plant nursery during the pandemic and eventually transformed it into a unique cafe with a plant theme. Learn about Ishwor's passion for greenery, his journey in starting a nursery, and how his cafe has become a thriving business.

From Lockdown Project to Successful Business

The pandemic has disrupted lives in numerous ways, leaving many feeling lost and anxious. But for one plant lover, the lockdown period provided the perfect opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of starting a plant nursery with his wife. What began as a humble nursery, however, soon transformed into something much more – a thriving cafe with a nursery theme, which in time grew extremely popular with the people around the vicinity.


We met Ishwor Byanjankar, the owner of the Himalayan Sip Cafe near the Patan durbar square, a self-professed plant parent with a passion for greenery. He had always dreamt of starting his own plant nursery, but it was only during the lockdown period that he found the time and motivation to make it a reality. Together with his wife, they began their journey of turning their passion into a business.


Starting a plant nursery is no easy task, especially during a pandemic. But Ishwor was determined to succeed, and he put in hours of research, trial, and error to ensure his plants were healthy and thriving. He learned about the importance of light, water, and soil quality, and began to experiment with different plant species to find out which would flourish best in his nursery. As his nursery began to take shape, Ishwor began to think about ways to make it stand out from the competition. With his love for gardening and plants, he came up with the idea of combining his two passions by creating a nursery-themed cafe. It was the perfect way to offer customers a unique experience while also showcasing his love for plants.


The cafe was designed to be a haven for plant lovers, with an array of greenery and foliage adorning the walls and ceiling. Customers were delighted to find themselves surrounded by lush plants while enjoying their coffee or meals. John's unique concept soon caught the attention of the community, and the cafe became a popular destination for plant lovers and foodies alike.


However, starting a plant nursery is not just about setting up a beautiful space with lush greenery. It requires careful attention to the needs of each individual plant species. Ishwor learned the importance of researching each plant's specific requirements and providing them with the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients.


One of the most important lessons Ishwor learned was the importance of patience. Gardening is not an overnight success, and plants need time to grow and flourish. He also learned the importance of knowing when to prune, fertilize, and water plants. Over-watering, for example, can be just as harmful as under-watering. He also emphasized the importance of avoiding common mistakes made by novice gardeners. One of the most common errors is planting too deep. Planting too deep can suffocate the roots, leading to poor growth and even death. Another mistake to avoid is using poor-quality soil. Plants need good quality soil to thrive, and investing in good soil can make all the difference in their growth. Ishwor pointed out that involving pets in the gardening process was a challenging combination, similar to mixing water and oil. Although he used to own pets before starting his nursery, he found it difficult to manage both activities due to the different nature of each. Therefore, he advises individuals who plan to start a gardening journey to consider this factor carefully.


In conclusion, my passion for plants and gardening has led to the creation of a unique business that has become a popular destination for plant lovers and foodies alike. His journey highlights the importance of perseverance and patience when pursuing a dream. Gardening is a skill that requires dedication and attention to detail, and Ishwor’s experience serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to start their own garden or plant nursery. With the right knowledge and approach, anyone can create their own haven of greenery and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.