She is, Dr. Garima Shrestha constantly out and about envisioning to contribute to society. In conversation with her, we get to know the tricks she uses to balance her world.


  1. How is life going?
  • Pretty good! I find myself quite occupied as I prefer. Especially, after I joined MBBS, the hustles have become a part of the day. I have to make presentations, and slides, and then there is work. I am learning every day, getting more into my field, and career. The learning phase that I am in, has made me slightly off from the SHE foundation. However, there are plans that I want to certainly accomplish after MD regarding the foundation. Overall, on track!


  1. Let’s talk about your involvement in, say, the last two months in spectrums other than academics.
  • To be honest, I am more into my career and studies. Besides that, my mom and dad do own a school to which I try to contribute in every way possible. Whenever I get some free time, I visit the school and look after the children through basic health checkups or even health awareness. The consultation about sexual health, ‘good touch and bad touch awareness’, and reproductive health, I think have helped them in many ways. Side by side, I try to manage socializing and the fashion world. I don’t believe that doctors should be obligated to look dull and I love the fashion world. I love getting ready, fitness, and glamor.


  1. I have heard that your childhood dream/aim was to become a doctor. Now that you are one, tell me how do you feel?
  • (Smiles) Yes, that is true. I don’t why but whenever I was asked about my aim, the answer would be a doctor. I would prescribe medicines and the signature would be ‘Dr. Garima’, when I was a child. today, it feels surreal. I know how much hard work I have put in, all the tears, sleepless nights, and consistency has made me come this far. Honestly, I feel proud of myself, the child whose dream was to become a doctor is proud today.


  1. As you just explained, ‘prescribing medicines, wearing an apron, and signature with Dr.’, sounds quite too perfect. However, did you ever encounter “expectation vs reality”?
  • Obviously, I tell you I have cried, one too many times. There are days I questioned my choice, especially during exam times. One-month long exam, sleepless nights, and a never-ending tough course are not easy to deal with.  But then, I know regardless of the struggles, I truly want to become a doctor.  That keeps me motivated.


  1. Do you ever get overwhelmed, having to manage so many things at once as well as the pressure of the future?
  • I do get goosebumps and insomniac thinking about life. I know there are so many factors to consider such as age, biological clock, dreams, goals, and responsibilities. I forward to everything that is on the way. But also, I know it is just a matter of time and I am ready for that.


  1. At the peak moment of emotional crisis, what factor or who is there to remind your worth? How do you deal with such emotions?
  • I sit with my thoughts. I let myself feel what I feel, and calm myself down in my room. I need some time, patience, and self-assurance that everything will be okay. I convince myself that time, consistency, and hard work will take me where I need to be. My parents are there as well, and I do sometimes vent out my emotions. The medical field demands a step by step progress, which I am trying to do.


  1. What is fashion for you?
  • I remember getting intrigued by the fashion world from childhood only. Even though I was really studious, part of me was inclined towards the glam and dress-ups. The choosy nature that I had and still have when it comes to outfits is I think evidence of my love for fashion too.
  • For me, fashion is a comfortable outfit. Choose to wear whatever makes you feel confident about yourself, and which you can pull off well. It is not about trends but you.

  1. The medical field, SHE foundation, and fashion world! These three fields of your involvement sound completely different worlds. How do you find a way to keep them all in one box?
  • I have rather created a triangular room than a box. In the triangle, the center has always been the medical field and that tops the priority list. The next is ‘SHE Nepal’, which I envision working much more on it to contribute the society. The last one is fashion. I am someone who does not want to fit into the box. All of these need a different side of me, to come out of my comfort zone, and just do what I care about. I do lots of research even as a medico which helped germinate the She Nepal. I had to go beyond the warm zone of comfort to bring all of these together and I know a lot of hard work is on demand to stand out.


  1. Let’s keep everything aside and focus on you. Not as Dr. Garima but as an individual Garima Shrestha, what keeps you going in life?
  • Honestly, I love the hustle and occupancy. I would rather choose the hecticity over free days. Now that I think of it, the goals and bucket list that I have keeps me going. There are days I find it difficult to grab a routine, I get tired, and drained out. But, the future Garima I want to see is the biggest inspiration.  I am a pre-planned person and want to work accordingly. Sometimes, the plan might not succeed but I take it as a lesson. Learning to learn from failures makes difference.
  • I have days where I do nothing but lay on my bed, watch Netflix, and do nothing. However, after a rest day, getting back on track with extra energy and focusing on what I need to, do has kept me going. Vision, Plans, and Goals.

  1. Your dreams are coming true. But someone somewhere with big dreams might be lost not knowing what to do. What message do you have for them?
  • Touchwood, my dreams are coming true. Life is so unpredictable but you have to have a mindset to give your 100% in whatever you do. For example, one dreams of becoming a doctor but say, for financial reasons cannot pursue it. There are fields related to medicine that might not need big finance. What I am trying to say is that, find some ways to incorporate your interest and passion.
    I recently met, Santosh Shah, such an inspiring life story he has! Just give your full effort in your field of interest, and you will reach somewhere.