A self-taught makeup artist on her road to fame, Shradha Maskey enjoys spending time with her two younger sisters, Shilpa Maskey and Sakchhi Maskey. All three sisters are currently making their names in the same industry: Shradha as a makeup-artist; Shilp

How would you describe your relationship with each other?

Shradha: It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint our relationship in one word or a sentence, but in terms of giving advice and being supportive, we do that very well as our professions are in the same industry. If Shilpa has a project, we’re honest about our opinions.  We tell her whether we like it or not, or whether she should take it or not. And, the same goes for Sakchhi and me.

Shilpa: We’re very supportive of each other’s careers as our field of work can get a lot of criticism and judgmental eyes. We make sure to give our suggestions when any of us is making a big decision.

Sakchhi: Both of them are more of a mother figure to me than they are sisters, especially Shradha as she’s more experienced as a makeup artist than me. I appreciate her efforts to become one without a proper degree or diploma, and I look up to her.

What was your first and most memorable memory of Shradha?

Shilpa: It was when I was in second grade and our parents were posted in a small village called Khandbari. They sent me to a hostel in Kathmandu with Shradha for my third grade study, and it was my first time living in a hostel in such a big city. I couldn’t sleep alone and the hostel was really strict, but I used to sneak into her room at night. Back then, I used to talk to her informally which used to get me in trouble with the teachers as they pestered me to be more formal and respectful.  I think that’s when I realized that I had an older sister looking out for me.

Sakchhi: For me, it was when she took care of me when our parents were not around, like I said, Shilpa and she were more like mother figures in my life rather than sisters.

Do you fight a lot? What is it you usually about and how does it end?

Shradha: I wouldn’t say it’s a daily occurrence but we definitely have arguments from time to time, like any other siblings.

Shilpa: Shradha tends to get mad if we touch her makeup stuff without permission. And sometimes Sakchhi tends to do things her way despite us telling her otherwise, which gets us into heated arguments.

Sakchhi:  The fights usually happen with Shilpa.  We used to lock each other in the cupboard or cut off each other’s hairs. These days it’s less childish and even if we do fight we talk the next day. We do not really hold grudges against each other for long.

What do you enjoy doing together?

Shradha: It is a bit unexpected, but we watch Korean dramas together when we have time. Shilpa is a huge fan of Big Bang as well, and we went to a concert together during our time in the UK.

Shilpa: Well, they both love doing makeup on me, so I’d say that’s a great bonding experience on its own.

Sakchhi: And we like to eat together.  We love food.

Describe each other in three words.

Shraddha: Shilpa is more of an introvert, quiet and reserved. Sakchhi is glamourous, straightforward and creative.

Shilpa: Friendly, understanding, stubborn for Shradha and fashionista, smart, beautiful for Sakchhi.

Sakchhi: Goofy, clumsy and honest for Shilpa. Mom, bossy and talkative is for Shradha.

What do you admire about each other?

Shradha: I admire the fact that both of them are always confident in what they do and they’re always ready to take up a challenge. And if either of us is feeling a bit doubtful about our abilities, we try to motivate and support each other.

Shilpa: I really look up to Shradha’s talent, and her creativeness as a makeup artist. It’s honestly very commendable. And with Sakchhi, I envy her straightforwardness as sometimes I have trouble saying ‘no’ to people and I feel that if I were more like her, it would be easier on me.

Sakchhi: We do what we love, especially both my sisters. Seeing them take on professions other people look down with so much confidence and effort really motivates me in particular to work harder.

One trait you dislike about one another.

Shradha: Shilpa’s dancing abilities at the club. Just the thought of going clubbing and dancing with her is intimidating. She’s a really good dancer. Also, both of them are the same size so they share clothes a lot, which I can’t do since my size is different.

Sakchhi: The fact that they’re both older than me. I get bossed around a lot.

Shilpa: Shradha’s a bit stubborn when it comes to certain things. It’s kind of hard to get through to her once her mind is set. And Sakchhi tends to be a bit too honest about her opinions sometimes.