Mothers are like shadows. In any situation, whether good or bad, they are there with you. They say a mother’s love is always unconditional, and we all agree with that. Mothers around the world are to be saluted for their dedication, love, and care. When f

Miss Nepal Earth 2015 Dibyata Vaidya shares a good rapport with her ever supportive mother Anita Vaidya. Dibyata says that her mother is her happy place. She gets restless when she does not see her mother around at home.

When it comes to talking about their relationship, the mother–daughter duo are quick to share some interesting anecdotes about each other, and share a laugh at those memories. Dibyata says; “It has been a special bond. We both have grown through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. She has been my first teacher and now I sometime have to be a teacher and teach her little things like how to upload a photo on Facebook or how to Skype with her sisters, or how she does not have to tolerate people who treat her poorly.”

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Coincidently her coronation was on Mother’s Day, and that was the best Mother’s Day gift for me.

How protective are you for her?

Dibyata - I am territorial. I am extra protective when it comes to my mother and my family. After all you have to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.

How was she as a kid?

Dibyata’s mother – She was an absolute ‘Nakkali.’ She used to paint her nails, and wear lipsticks. One day her younger sister came to me and said that Dibyata was crying. I ran to her and then what I see is, Dibyata was hiding herself under the blanket and weeping. Well the reason was, she had actually tangled her hair in the hairbrush so bad that she could not get it off. And the funny thing is, I had to take her to the parlor to chop off her hair to remove the hairbrush. (Laughs)

Which childhood, memory of her is closest to your heart?

Dibyata’s mother – Dibyata has been very creative and talented since her childhood. She used to make greeting cards for her maternal uncles on their birthdays or any other special occasions. Also she was very fashionable since the beginning. I remember how she used to act as a Miss Nepal and play Miss Nepal with her sister when she was around 6–7 years old.  Her cousin sisters got her makeup kit as she loved applying makeup. Not just that, she would make a crown out of chart paper while playing Miss Nepal. All these memories are really close to my heart.

Are you friends with each other?

Dibyata – Yes, we definitely are. I am comfortable sharing whatever is happening with mommy. Our laughters are limitless. I feel very blessed when my cousins say that I have such a cool mommy. Blessed!

Three trait of your mother, you wish you had and why?

Dibyataa) The happy go lucky person who jokes a lot and cries at her own jokes (and I think already have this trait).

b) Her caring nature. Even when she is sick, she cares more about us than herself.

c) Doing things beforehand and preparing it on time. Mommy hates to do things at the last moment and so do I.

What do you two enjoy doing when together?

Dibyata- I love listening to updates she has about our relatives. And we also love talking about fashion.  I must say that my mommy is very fashionable, and I do borrow her clothes sometimes.

Dibyata’s mother – Yes we love to chit chat. Almost every day we have long talks till midnight. She shares with me everything that she did on that day and other things.

Three things you want to do for your mother?

Dibyata - I want to send her to Dubai as she dreams of going there one day and then get her a health insurance, as my mother’s health is very important to me. And lastly, bring together all her siblings who are currently abroad (which is very difficult), and see her relive her childhood moments again.

How did you feel when Dibyata was crowned Miss Nepal Earth 2015?

Dibyata’s mother – I can’t say how happy I was. Actually I can’t even express that feeling in words. That moment was priceless. Coincidently her coronation was on Mother’s Day, and that was the best Mother’s Day gift for me. As I told you earlier, she used to play Miss Nepal during her childhood, and it evoked memories of her childhood.  I could not control my tears and I shed tears of happiness. She always wanted to be Miss Nepal, and I am so happy that her childhood dream became a reality, and she was crowned Miss Nepal Earth 2015.