Vijay Lama, one of the most renowned and diverse personal of Nepal, shares with us his relationship with his daughter, Aashna Lama and their similarities in personalities, and all the little stories and memories that he has of her.

Captain Vijay Lama has a versatile persona, and he must be one of the coolest airplane captains around. He excels in a myriad of roles – as an actor, experienced pilot, musician, television presenter, and the list goes on.  But most importantly, he excels in parenting. He is a doting father to his daughters. There are many fathers who think that they have more in common with their sons than with daughters, but Vijay never wanted sons. He thought that if he had them they would be as rowdy as him. He clarified that he has respect for sons, but feels that daughters are more emotionally and sentimentally attached to the family. and are more eager to share with their parents what they are thinking.

A positive father–daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a young girl’s life, and greatly increases the odds of her developing into a strong, confident woman. And yes, Captain Vijay Lama shares a strong bond with daughter Aashna Lama. When asked about their relation, they both say that they are more of friends to each other. He has never imposed anything on his daughters as he believes in their growth, freedom, and responsibilities.

When it comes to emotional aid and the sentimental value that you carry about family and the things that you want to share, daughters are more enthusiastic.

Here they share with us all about their bonding, but yes, Vijay started with the tag line “Jai Chandra Surya.

What in Aashna reminds you of your own youth?

Vijay: Stubbornness. She is just like me, example, if my father asked me to do something I don’t like, I would just ignore and leave. Otherwise we are both compassionate, and believe in honesty. I think those are the trademarks we have. We are also very straightforward and vocal when it comes to our opinions.

Which childhood memory of her is closest to your heart?

Vijay: She used to tie a handkerchief in her thumb and suck that. It went on for a very long time. I actually miss that (laughs). And she has a voice like mine, quite loud you know. And if she did not like something, she would say “Baba, I am watching you.”  Yeah I miss that.

How protective are you of her?

Vijay: I am possessive.  I am protective, but I know my limits and I have given her that freedom. I have given both my daughters freedom to disciple themselves and know their limits.

Aashna: Oh, he has a loose grip on me.

What traits of your father you wish you had and why?

Aashna: His confidence, as I sometimes lack confidence and self–esteem. He is also extremely friendly with people.  I can but I do not warm up to people easily; it takes time.

What do your daughters mean to you?

Vijay: It is like asking, you know, what your heart means to you. I will give up everything for them and if anybody comes after them, I will destroy them. If anybody does anything bad to them, they better watch out. So for me they are basically my heartbeats.

What are the little unknown but interesting facts about your daughters?

Vijay: This is really amazing. Aakansha and Aashna started singing with me. I have been a singer for the longest period of time. Aakansha started singing when she was six years old with the song “Aama” and she ended being popular even in Bollywood. The song titled “mujhe teri aankhon ki gehrai mein doobne de” from the movie Paathshaala was sung by Aakansha and I had composed the music. Aashna sang in a Nepali movie called School and again it was my composition.

What are the things that a father of daughters should to keep in mind?

Vijay: 1. Remember that they have their own mindset; let them grow.

2. Leave them where they are supposed to be; make them understand the value of life.

3. You want to give them time, but you do not have to be with them for 24 hours a day. Even if you give five minutes, give them a quality time. Be there when they need you.

4. Do not interfere regarding their boyfriends; stay away, be vigilant (laughs).

A message to us from Captain himself

I like your magazine’s name ‘Smart Family.’ If that had been Hard Family it would not sound good, but Smart Family sounds good. So, hey guys, do not work hard, work smart.