Itchya Karki, Managing Director of The Beauty Bar, is one of the most sought after makeup artists in the country. It has not been even a year since she came up with her own start up at Narayan Chaur, Naxal, and she is doing great business wise. She was tr

Sisters are bound together by family and are stuck with each other for life. You have each other’s back. She completes you even before you notice. You just need to say, “Remember that time when...” and she finishes with, “You were punished in the school assembly,” leading both of you into loud laughter. Nobody knows you like your sister. Even when she is acting ridiculous, you embrace her quirks. It is always nice to see sisters supporting each other.

Here we present to you two sisters who share a beautiful bond. Itchya Karki and Rakchya Karki are a cute and extremely close sister duo. Both of them are doing extremely well in their own rights. Here they share us with their relationship with each other. Read on, to know more.

What is the best thing about having sister?

Itchya: Sharing clothes (laughs). Well, Rakshya is my biggest critic. She is the one who will say things right on your face. If she does not like something I do, she would just go “Ew.” Other people try to sugar coat it, but she is always straight and honest with her opinions.

Rakchya: It is just like when you are in trouble or have problem you know that there is someone you can share that with, and no matter how ridiculous it is, you know you will get an honest answer. If the topic you are talking about is serious, it means that bond is special.

What are your memories of your school days?

Itchya: Together or separate (laughs)? I always used to ask her for her lunch money even though she is the younger one. I would say, “Give me your money, I need to buy food.” Even after I finished my food I would still be hungry.  So I would go to her and ask her for money and if she did not have any, I would make her ask her friend for money just so that I could food.

Rakchya: I remember doing her homework (both of them laugh). I am the smaller one but I had to take care of her. I was actually the babysitter. Whatever precious items she had, our parents would give them to me for safe keeping.

While growing up who bullied whom?

Itchya: I bullied her. In fact she would let me. She is very ‘sojhi.’ No wait, I did not bully her, I just annoyed her. I had that irritating trait in me.  I used to keep on poking her to do things I wanted her to do.

Rakchya: No, it is not ‘sojhi.’ It is because in our culture we have to respect our elders, right? I used to get annoyed by you but at the same time I had to respect you. If I was wearing some dress and she liked it, she would go, “Give it to me, give it to me.” She would need that instantly and until I gave the dress to her, she would bug me, follow me around, I would have no choice but to give it to her.

Have you ever taken pocket money from each other?

Itchya: Of course. Before high school I used to take her money to buy food, and now since I am earning she makes me buy her makeup and other stuff. I am made to compensate very heavily (laughs).

Rakchya: Now that she is earning I do not buy anything from myself; I make her buy.

How often do you argue/fight?

Itchya: We used to fight when we were kids. I used to irritate her and she used to get irritated. But now I do not think we fight that often. Now we are good team against our parents (both of them laugh).

Rakchya: We do not fight. It is more like we get cranky when we do not have food.

When you are in trouble or have problems you know that there is someone that you can share with and no matter how much ridiculous it is, you know that you will get an honest answer when it is that serious topic you talking about, so that bond is special.”

What is one quality of your sister you wish you had and why?

Itchya: For me I wish I had Rakchya’s responsible nature. I live in my own bubble world, but Rakchya is someone who is always taking care of things. So I wish I were more attentive to things like her. And I love her habit of reading books which I think makes a person very smart, but I lost that habit. And I also wish I had patience like her, after all she deals with me every day, so you know how patient she is.

Rakchya: I think it is her bubbliness, like whenever she enters a room she just goes “Hi! How is everyone?” with that cute voice. And you know everyone’s mood is instantly changed. You can just see it on their faces. She brings that brightness in the room. So I really love that about her.

What would you like to change about one another?

Itchya: I think she is pretty perfect, but if I had to change something, umm (was thinking). What would it be? I do not think there is anything I would want to change about her.

Rakchya: I think, she should be more organized. She needs to realize that people are taking time to meet her, and that there are people who are waiting to do other stuff so she needs to put her things together.

What do you two enjoy doing together?

Itchya: Selfies… also we really love to travel together, and we are going to do that very soon. It was the first time as adults that we travelled together to Thailand recently, so I think we are going to that again.

Rakchya: I enjoy shopping with her because I am zero at styling myself, and she knows exactly what will look good on me. So I really need my sister to go shopping with me.