Lhakpa Gyalzen Sherpa is the founder of Sherpa and Swiss Adventures. He is a dynamic person who is also the founder of Easy Heli Charter Services. Lhakpa shares with us the insights of his business and how his children are taking his legacy forward.

Lhakpa’s widespread work in both tourism industry and in mountain rescues provide him with a unique set of skills and experience that gives Sherpa & Swiss Adventures the ability to provide not only implausible Himalayan adventures to its clients but also to ensure their paramount safety. Lhakpa has been felicitated by several awards and honors by clients, embassies and the mountaineering community. This strong personality is also soft hearted father of two beautiful children; Chimi Sherpa (daughter) and Phurba Sherpa (son). Read on more to know the bond that they share with each other.

How would you define your relationship with each other?

Chimi: As we mature the bond between us are getting stronger day after day. When you are a teenager you still are in search of your own identity to know who you are as a person and there are lots of conflicts going on within yourself and also your family members and we cannot really express our love and affection to our family members. But as time goes on what I feel is that the bond gets stronger.

Phurba: Since I was 17 I have been working with my father so what I feel is, our professional relation is stronger than our personal relationship. Hence we work together our mindset too is getting similar. Without him saying a single word I can understand what he likes or dislikes.

Lhakpa: They both were very much involved in my work since their childhood and knew what was going on in my business so rather than father - children relationship we share more of a friend like relationship with each other. It is very obvious that when I am right they support me but again if I am wrong they clearly point out my mistake and ask me to correct it.

Did you both always wanted to get into your father’s business since your childhood?

Chimi: Like every children I too wanted to be a doctor but I did not have any particular aim. Our father never pushed us or forced his decisions upon us. But as we grew, we got involved in our father’s business. It was natural that we both wanted to join our father’s business as it was ingrained in us since childhood to join him in his business I guess. We are taking forward our father’s legacy. Also it would not have been possible without the simultaneous effort of our mother. I feel that the woman of the house or the mother sets the value system. We have been brought up in such a liberal environment by our mother that we hardly feel the difference between a man and a woman. Our mother trained us to balance family and work efficiently.

Phurba: As I started quite early I was much energized to do so much more in my father’s business because I wanted to learn it a practical way. Also in this business we get to meet new people and venture new places so that was an added perk for me that got more of my attention towards this business. I was always inquisitive to know how different scenarios are handled in business by my father, so as of now I am fully into it.

What is that one thing that you dislike about one another?

Chimi: Our father is very careless towards his health. All of us are health conscious whereas he is not conscious regarding his health. He does not control himself from eating anything, so this is something that I do not like about him.

Phurba: I agree with her. He is not health conscious person. No matter what health should always be one’s priority. The other thing that I dislike about him is, he is bit disorganized regarding business planning. I know he has his traditional way of working but at times it is hard for us to cope up.

Lhakpa: Where shall I start from? The list is quite long (laughs). Well, I feel they are little lazy. I am a very punctual person and I value each and every second whereas they are not that punctual. I think they should work on this.