Through his notable acting debut in the film Raani, Saruk Tamrakar is a name familiar to most of the youth across the country. An aspiring actor, filmmaker and an occasional model, Saruk maintains a close relationship with his father, Sanu Tamrakar who is

How would you describe your relationship with each other? 

Saruk: Rather than just the typical father and son relationship, I would say we have more of a relationship that you would have with your friends. When I’m with my friends, if he’s around if he comes up and gives me a handshake. It something I usually do with friends when I meet them. There’s a different sort of comfortable atmosphere amongst us and it’s something I find especially warming. 

Sanu: Unlike most, we don’t really fight that often and arguments are, in my opinion, quite healthy. There may have been times where I had to reprimand him when he was young, but now he is an adult, that rarely ever happens. Our relationship remains to be one amongst friends and we definitely do get along really well. 

Were you always supportive of Saruk’s career as an actor? 

Sanu: Thinking back, I had always wanted Saruk to be in the film industry. At first I didn’t really think he would be interested, but as time went on, without a push in that direction, he entered the industry on his own. And I am more than happy he did. 

How do you spend your time together? 

Saruk: Because we come from the same industry and our careers often interlink, we do enjoy acting together. Seeing the both of us on screen is something I wish for to happen and despite previous projects that had didn’t work out, I think that’s how we would want to spend time in the upcoming future.  

Sanu: It’s not something very unique or out of this world but since we share this love for television and film, we like to be at home, in front of the television and talk about whatever is being screened. Sometimes we end up having debates over certain things because of our difference in opinions, this is how we spend most of our time together. 

What is one thing you like about each other? 

Saruk: I really like it when he does magic tricks and the like. It’s really fascinating to see, and I’ve always enjoyed his tricks ever since I was young. 

Sanu: Seeing Saruk dance is most enjoyable, even more than his acting. I, myself, have a bit of history with dancing in musicals and I honestly, never thought I would see him dance. He had to learn dancing as a part of his acting course in Mumbai and I couldn’t be happier. 

What do you dislike about each other? 

Sanu: I’m not sure if this counts but I don’t like how Saruk wears some of his shoes without polishing them. And the fact that he doesn’t want honey in his lemon tea in the morning bothers me quite a bit. 

Saruk: His humbleness is both his strength and his weakness, because he tends to downplay his achievements and success. I wish he would be less modest when it comes to his accomplishments. 

As a father, what was your proudest moment? 

Sanu: I think it was when I went to Saruk’s first movie premiere. It holds a lot of importance to me as I hadn’t really been a part of the filming process and hadn’t gotten a chance to see Saruk’s acting on screen. That moment is one I cherish forever, and one I have been most proud of. 

What is something you’ve always wanted to do for your father? 

Saruk: Because my schedule is so hectic, I don’t get to spend as much time as I want with him.  I want to take him  on a vacation outside the country. But he’s travelled so much in his time, it’s not as engaging to him as I would want. So I think the best thing I can do for him as a son is to put in the best effort in my work and make him feel proud through my success and happiness. 

Describe each other in three words. 

Saruk: Artist, generous. all-rounder. 

Sanu: Sincere, intelligent, hard-working.