Biraj Maharjan is not a new name in the Nepali sports scene, especially among football fans. However, very few people know about Biraj’s brother Bikram Maharjan, who was in the first batch of Three Star Club, and has -- much like Bikram.

Biraj Maharjan is perhaps the most reliable defender in the Nepal national team in both left and right flanks. After graduating from ANFA Academy, he joined Three Star Club. He made his national team debut on Mach 25, 2008.  He is the fourth most capped player in Nepal, and won 50 caps for Nepal National Football Team in a friendly match against Indian. But read on more to about their relationship.  Unfortunately due to an accident, Bikram could not continue his career in football. According to Biraj his elder brother Bikram is the reason he got into football.

How would you define your relationship?

Biraj: We do not have much of an age difference. So we are more like friends than brothers. Since our childhood to today’s date we have not hidden anything from each other. We have transparency in our relationship.

Bikram: I would second to what he said. Yes we are definitely more than brothers. We have a relation like that of friends. Not just with him, but we share a very friendly relation with all our family members, be it with our other brother, mother, father or sisters.

What is the best thing about having each other by your side?

Biraj: Oh, there are many. There are many things that I am still unaware of, so for anything that I do not know, I can always rely on my elder brother. I keep asking him things whenever I am in a dilemma.

Bikram: It is all because of Biraj that we are known to everyone. He has fulfilled everyone’s dream. Not just me, but all our family members are proud of him. What best thing could happen than having a brother like him.

Is there any fondest childhood memory?

Biraj: My elder brother was vexatious when we were young. He used to take away anything that I would be playing with. One day I was trying to learn bicycle. Since he already knew how to ride it, he said that he would teach me and took the cycle from me. But in no time he ran away with the bicycle. I remember beating him so bad that day that he was literally bleeding from his nose, and I still feel bad for that.

Bikram: We studied in the same school for a few years and we have one memory that is still fresh in my mind. We were football fanatics since our very childhood. We used to have a 45 minute lunch break when in school. But we used to utilize that time playing football and always used to enter the class late with mud and filth all over our school uniform, as we used to get so much involved in the game. The funny thing is we would be punished every afternoon after lunch. There used to be a very strict teacher in our class, and she used to make us stand on the bench. But nothing stopped us as we were crazy about football.

When together what do you guys enjoy doing?

Biraj & Bikram: We often have little time to spend with each other. Both of us are busy with our own duties and responsibilities. But when we are together, we usually turn on the T.V. and watch football and give our personal analysis. Other than this we tease our family members, and have fun time together. My mother likes to have dinner with all the family members, so whenever together we try to do that.

Relationship message:

Bikram: I think every family member should have a strong bond with each other as they are your support system. This is also the way how you can build peace and prosperity in your family and bring smile on your parents face. There are many families where siblings do not jell along and live separately, but no parents would want that in their family.

Biraj:  What I would like to add is, we Nepalese are known to the world for our culture and tradition. We Nepalese have strong bonds with our sisters, brothers, parents and all. Definitely the society is getting modernized, but the beauty of our bond can never fade away. The joy of spending time with your siblings and parents and creating memories together can never be replaced by anything else. So it is very important to have a strong bond with your family members.