Siblings have had and will always have a connection that others simply cannot comprehend. This is especially true of brothers and sisters. They pull each other’s legs yet will protect and become one another’s biggest anchor when the situation demands it.

Let’s explore one such brother-sister duo ‑‑ Priyanka Rani Joshi and Aryan Joshi. Priyanka and her brother Aryan don’t have the chance to bond all the time, as Aryan is away most of the year studying in India. Unlike most sibling relationships, distance here worked as a charm. You can notice that Priyanka and Aryan share a close relationship right off the bat.

So let’s explore the dynamics of their ever close relationship.

How would you define your relationship with each other?

Priyanka: We have a fun and friendly relationship. It’s very easy and natural to have casual candid conversations whenever we are together. I enjoy listening to all the mischief he has cooked with his friends at the hostel. We have a very transparent relationship with each other. He is young so he is very open about everything with me.

Aryan: I feel like I can share my worries and woes with her and she gets what I am going through. I feel she understands me better than my parents because she is young.

You have 6 to 7 years between the two of you. How do you think the age difference affects your relationship?

Priyanka: I think the age gap between us makes me feel like I am his guardian. Having the age difference makes it easier to relate to what he is going through in his life. I can guide him through whatever he is experiencing since I have been where he is and not so long ago either. My advice to him when he comes to me with stories from his school is “It is a phase and will pass.”

You have so much going on in your life right now. You are currently working with M&S and studying Bachelor’s. All of this must consume so much of your time. How do you manage your schedule and have quality time with your brother?

Priyanka: Fortunately, I have classes in the mornings so when my work schedule is open I get to spend all day with him. And in case I work through the day, we have our pep talks and gossips stored up as a late night snack before we call it a night.

Aryan: These days our conversations during late night bonding are on World Cup 2018. We enjoy watching the matches together while supporting our own teams.

Winning the En Vogue 4 title has pushed your world into the public. Do you think that has changed your relationship?

Priyanka: Winning the title has definitely opened so many doors for me. Our relationship has not changed. He enjoys that I do what I love. He never misses my videos and will go through all the pictures I have modeled in.

Aryan: Critics are present everywhere and people will always have one thing or another to comment on what my sister does. I think my sister learns from those comments.

What do you never leave your home without besides your mobile phone?

Priyanka: I never leave home without my keys, wallet and a small makeup pouch. It is a small makeup bag if I am not going out for work.

Aryan: I carry my keys and wallet.

What is the first thing you order when you go to a restaurant?

Priyanka: Momos. We always eat momos when we go to a restaurant. These days we are in love with Bota momos. Since it’s very close to our home, it has become our go to spot.

You have travelled together a lot. What experience pops to your mind when I say travel?

Priyanka: We have been on so many trips together that any trip without him feels incomplete. He has become my travel buddy and more than anything I think our trips have brought us together. He is a very compatible travel buddy. He seems to fit into every place like a potato (Priyanka snickers). He is very happy about exploring new places and loves shopping. He has become a very brand conscious person now.

Aryan: It is easier having her around when I have to shop. Not only when I am picking out souvenirs but also when I shop for myself.

Do you have any funny stories of when you were travelling?

Priyanka: Exploring places and experiences with him are one of my favorite things about travelling. Besides this he is my photographer when we travel and he looks like those photographers you see on the ground.

Aryan: Didi is used to working with professional photographers, so she makes me retake a lot of pictures. She makes me take pictures from a lot of angles and that sometimes makes me irritated.

Tell us some of your weird and funny stories or pranks.

Aryan: She once had me marry one of her dolls.

Priyanka: Oh, yes. I had him married to my doll ‑- her name was Riyanka. We prepared a ceremony in Bengali style. I was inspired by the serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki. Me and my helper dai brought the doll in on a chair and got them married.

Can you tell us about any pranks you pulled between the two of you?

Priyanka: We are such goofballs and have so many prank stories that we forget them. A recent prank we pulled was on our grandma. We told her that our Nini is raising chickens. She called her up and our Nini played along saying she has a red and a black one.

Aryan: Yes, we always pull pranks on our grandma.