creativity can take your child to new heights in life. However, a child full of potential needs the help of parents to explore their skills and ideas.

Fostering Creativity in Your Child

“If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns” ~ Rita Dunn. A child is a canvas where slowly and gradually, a different spark of personality gets painted. Parents can help add their children’s beautiful colors to life and fill it with creativity. Today, there are so many platforms and opportunities to sharpen the skills and abilities of children. Hence why parents often get a sense of pressure how to show their children a way to progress and develop on an intellectual level. If you are wondering and stressed out on the very matter, here are some of the lists that might help you:


  1. Let them be free and independent:

The “Free and Independent” here might make you anxious. But, don’t worry, we are talking about creative Liberace. It is the fact and obvious that every child has unique skills. They are maybe interested in games/ painting/ dancing/ singing/ music and the list goes on and on. Make sure that you don’t limit them and cut their wings. Respecting their abilities and encouraging them can be the only best thing for your child to grow safely.  


  1. Reduce consumption:

Before anything else ever exists, save your child! Save your child from the unnecessary consumption of the internet, television, and online activities that lead up to nowhere but a stagnant mind. However, technology can be a complicated topic because children can learn something new and productive that helps foster their creativity level. So, being a responsible parent, you might have to limit their screen time and keep an eye on what they are using technologies for. It better be for a good reason. 


  1. Talk with them:

Well, talking can bring out so many ideas to the table. Even though the communication between parent and child does not always have to be on a specific topic where one acts as learner and teacher, as a parent you must focus and make sure that you are talking more about creative topics. Creative talks bring out creative ideas. They might get ideas like keeping a notebook with them so that whenever some poetic lines come to their head, they can write it on paper or check the camera so that they can get a perfect shot while on an evening walk.


  1. Allow their free time:

Creativity comes best when you are alone. A child’s imagination can go way higher than we think. Whether it be music, dance, workout, paintings, art, poems, or anything else that comes under creativity, a child needs time to realize their capacities and abilities. Sometimes, the unplanned days are the best and it’s the same with children as well. not having everything scheduled and planned can be the best way of bringing out the best in them.


  1. Inspire Self-reliance:

The raw talent, ideas, and skills show the authenticity of one’s nature. Your child might have unique creative ideas that can take off to be a success. However, there can be situations where you want to tell them to do things in a specific way that can result in influencing them so much to the point where they start getting dependent on you. That is surely not what you want. teach them to rely on no one but themselves and support them enough for them to be confident about their ideas.


  1. Introduce creative role models:

This might sound a little weird but trust me it works. If your child is interested in singing, take them to a singing class or encourage them to spend time with people of the same interest. Role models will always encourage them even during the time they are feeling demotivated. Role models can be the motivation and a reason for them to do what they love. they will have someone to look up to and learn new techniques every day that will add up to their creativity.

 Children need proper guidance even if they are talented or brilliant on their own. They need some encouragement and maybe validation from parents to feel proud of their capabilities. By fostering creativity in your child, you will be helping them mentally, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially as well. The same creative skills that get the required space can be a home, an escape, and their whole career. This will not only help your children cope with the situations in their life but also be expressively confident about themselves. offering them a wide variety of necessary materials and giving them space to grow will enhance their creative skills.