Traveling is an investment in yourself. In this article, Mr. Sushil Thapa shares his travel experience to Prague. Let’s enjoy reading!

Prague is on everyone's bucket list right now and it's natural too. It is less expensive than other places in Europe but still has all the charms of European cities that have captured the imagination of tourists for years. It has incredible history, beautiful and historic architecture, a vibrant and exciting community, and delicious cuisine. Generally, after deciding to go to Prague, one must be curious about the places to visit. Places to visit in Prague are not to be missed, each one is beautiful, charming, and excellent. Since it is not too cold during September, I enjoyed walking around. Being a fresh and happy tourist of Prague, I would like to recommend some great places to you.

There's a lot to do here, so here are 3 important things to consider when you're trying to decide what to do in Prague:

1. Time available with you

2. Fund available to spend

3. Your area of interest

By meeting these things, you can get complete satisfaction from your visit. Satisfying all tastes, Prague is one of Eastern Europe's most popular destinations, full of Gothic architecture and fascinating culture.


Prague is a vibrant and exciting city that has been arranged in a tourist-friendly manner and offers a wide variety of unique European sights. Here are some of the best places to start your Prague trip.


Old Town is the most centrally located place in Prague. This is where most tourists stay when visiting Prague for the first time, as the area is home to many historical sites and restaurants. But I stayed in a boutique hotel near the center - few rooms but very clean and inviting service. Once the electronic key to the door of your room is with you, no one cares about the neighborhood, all the doors of the house are automatic electronic doors including the main door of the house. Breakfast is not hot, the hot we like - but Coffee is superb- from Automated Coffee Maker


Another favorite and thought-provoking place is St. Vitus Cathedral. It has an amazing history of its construction period which took 600 odd years. The construction started in 1344 AD and was completed in 1953. Now, think about that plan, generation after generation of hard work and skillful construction of such an astonishing building. I adore the compassion, resilience, and skill of knowledge management- generation to generation to generation. I don't think that such histories are often made. It is a must-see piece of the decorative cathedral in Europe, dedicated to the patron saint Vitus.


Europe is the destination for those who love history, art, and architecture, and a great ambiance for creativity. Centuries-old mosaics, stained glass, crystal chandeliers, amazing paintings on ceilings, semi-permeable eco-friendly material paved roads and sidewalks, look so spectacular. If you are photo savvy, Tik-Tok, and Instagram lover, I am sure you have reached a piece of heaven and you can make memories with thousands of photos and short videos.


You can't claim you've been to Prague if you haven't visited the Charles Bridge. I have a special fascination with rivers. This bridge was one of the many bridges over the historic Vltava River that was built after WWII as -a pedestrian-only bridge. This bridge is full of wonders and amazement for people of all castes and religions of the world. Many of the city's finest sculptures adorn its parapets. Due to the busy live painting, singing, and showmanship, you will not realize that you are walking on this bridge.

If you want to avoid pickpockets, it's better to be careful.


The Vltava river decorates the city, it flows proudly under the bridge and this bridge also took 37 years to complete, starting in 1390 - trust me this fascinating fairground for tourists and roadside hawkers has stood prominently for more than 600 years, always the same. …

Suddenly, I murmured “really” with a realization that a bridge built over a river could be so popular and become a center of attraction for so many tourists.


The view of magnificent castles from Charles Bridge will surely draw your attention to Prague Castle - a must-visit place for tourists. It occupies a vast area of ​​hilly landscape across the bridge. The scene will remind you of your childhood stories of fairy tales, kings and queens, and their palaces. "Oh my God" is the first expression when you see all those towers, spires, and spectacular architecture in front of you. As soon as you step inside, this edifice is much larger than one might imagine, housing museums, art galleries, and most important cultural treasures.


It costs money to use the WC, better to have coins in your pocket to insert into the smart gate. The security checks sometimes ask for a passport, but they skipped me. You can spend a whole day around this mysterious property. There is a restaurant that serves coffee with a limited food menu.


Old Town hall Square - You will forget the world once you arrive at this very place. It is the most picture-perfect place in the city. You can spend the whole day and experience the city of Prague by exploring the surrounding historical places and using the abundance of street food, multi-cuisine restaurants, fast food, and live cooking. I tried the firewood grilled pork with a special-looking thick bun and I loved it. This place makes you feel like a "dream come true" with 360 degrees “दरबारीया” view, all the 10th-century architecture is well maintained. The exceptionally clean roads, the multi-ethnic crowd this place offers to tourists, and the display of the astronomical clock will make every hour enthralling and mesmerizing.


The Astronomical Clock is the best preserved medieval mechanical clock in the whole world, you will find it in Prague located in the Town Hall. The town hall, the pride of the city of Prague, will have a small show every hour on the hourly turning of the astronomical clock facing south. I didn't know about it so I missed seeing it twice, then I realized, you see at the top of the clock, some mechanical characters move around the balcony window of the town hall and even ring a real bell to indicate the hour change. I had to wait for 3 hours to see this event because I missed it twice. We can go inside the town hall for a minimal fee if you have more time to spare.


Vencesla Square is an incredible place to end your Prague visit. Most beautiful buildings, good quality public open spaces where you will find some or other celebrations happening. A perfect place for a shopping experience and good food while taking in the beautiful view of Prague city.


Prague city is a bit far from the airport so it is necessary to keep 45 minutes for taxi driving time. There is a lot of difference between Euro/USD vs Czech money koruna at a private exchange counter, so I advise you to exchange it at the bank to get a genuine exchange rate.