International travel with family and friends can never go wrong. If you are contemplating your holiday destination, let us help you. Istanbul! Here are a few places to not miss while you are there.

We Nepalese are interwoven with the essence of history. Our tendency of valorizing cultural, architectural, and historical aesthetics is prodigious due to which, I am sure, we can find that connectivity with Istanbul. The old buildings with heavy past and the modern buildings altogether creates a beautiful dichotomy attracting numerous tourist.

  1. Hagia Sophia:

Hagia Sophia is one of the prominent architecture in Istanbul. With the very heavy and long history that the building carries, exploring the unique taste of the wondrous masterpiece must not be missed. It is considered to be the symbolizer of change in the history of architecture, and when it was built, no other building could resemble it. the 1500 years old building, which was a church then a mosque, and now the museum has managed to maintain its aesthetic essence to it. Millions of visitors every year are welcomed to taste the magnificent architectural significance of the Hagia Sophia.


  1. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi palace embraces safely the country’s glory. The palace was built in the fifteenth century, so we can say that the palace has seen and witnessed all the turbulence and successions of the country. The palace was the central point for all the administrative headquarters and also the residence of Ottoman sultans. As a tourist, we can expect to see many paintings, old artifacts, beautiful gardens, sacred relics, Harem, and many more.

If Istanbul is on the list, Topkapi has to be the priority.

  1. Sultan Ahmet mosque:

Sultan Ahmet mosque is often referred to as the “Blue Mosque” due to the blue color dominancy interior. The architecture mostly reflects the Byzantine elements, welcoming visitors from all around the globe. The mosque is supposedly closed during worship time for around 90 minutes. We can see amazing architecture, six marinates, courtyards, and understand the essence of the square. However, must consider the codes and conducts such as proper dress code, shoes off, entrance fee, closing time, etc.

  1. Rumelihisarı:

Rumelihisari is another prominent sight destination in Istanbul. The castle dates back to 1452 when Ottoman sultan II was preparing for the conquest of Constantinople. Built at the narrowest point of around 600 meters, has become the destination for people to visit and appreciate the aesthetic of the castle which also happens to have the shape of Prophet Mohammad. Except for Mondays, all visitors across the globe are welcome from 9-5.

Traveling around and collecting memories attached to the place and your loved ones is something to keep forever. The vibrancy of the place and the heart of people! The landmarks, artifacts, and monuments certainly steal anyone’s heart. 

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