Sanjay Gupta who has along list of achievements, discovered and nurtured his love for travelling over the years. His fondness for traveling has been greatly facilitated by the excellent service provided by the Turkish Airlines.

Travel Talks with Sanjay Gupta


In conversation with Sanjay Gupta

What are you working on these days?

Right now I’m currently working on a project for Mumbai. And along with that I’m involved with two production houses where I’m going to be making a bunch of reality-based shows. So basically, I’m leaning more towards the production of new shows, both for television and online. With that, I’m also working on uplifting an IT company for a friend of mine. And I’m working on teaching now in 2020 as well, where I’ll be focusing mostly on the youngsters of the country in general about public speaking and other related aspects.

As a travel enthusiast, where did you last travel to and how often do you travel?

I recently did a long circuit, visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I went during the later part of last year, October, on my birthday actually. So basically, I make sure I travel the world for at least two months every year after working hard for the remaining ten months. That way I can take a breather and go wherever I want to go.

Besides that, I'm also going to travel to five places in India after a couple of days, as a leisure travel. And I also plan to visit Australia after about a month, and to the US or the UK after about two months. 

What does traveling mean to you? How big of a part does it play in your life?

Traveling is like an escape for me, to take a breath and remind myself what living and working hard is really about. And, like I said, I like to spend at least two months of a year exploring, either within Nepal or to a different country around the world. It completely depends upon the time, energy and the amount of money I have or am willing to spend. Besides, I get a whole lot of chances to travel while I’m working during the year as well. So, traveling has become a major part of my life now.

Looking at everything you’ve achieved so far and all the places you’ve seen, what piece of advice would you give to everybody?

Make sure that you wear socks! Because sometimes it gets really cold in the airplane, so always have socks on when travelling. With that, another thing I want to mention more importantly is Travel! Without seeing the world your horizons have nowhere else to extend. So make sure you open your mind to visit anywhere you’d like, either with family, or friends, or alone, no matter how much money you have in your pocket. Because if you don’t do that, you’re going to get your life cocooned, just like the society, and the country. Cocooned in a sense that our country is landlocked. So, Just pack your bags and take off.

How did your love for travelling grow and what are your future travel plans?

My love for traveling grew in a sense where I was lucky enough to get to go to the states in the very beginning. I’m thankful to the USA for opening the doors right to the west for me. So one of the first countries I visited in my life was straight up the US, and after that, everything was like, okay, where am I going to go next now. That made me realize that I wanted to see the rest of the world. So now I have almost covered all of the south east Asia, except for Taiwan and Japan. One continent I haven’t been to yet is South America, which I’m looking forward to travel by 2022. Also, by 2021 I want to cover a few countries of South Africa as well. So basically, in the next five years, I plan to at least touch every continent of the world, including Antarctica, hopefully. And thanks to the Turkish Airlines for making all of that possible.

Being an active customer of the Turkish Airlines, how has your experience been with it so far?

Turkish Airlines has always taken care of me in regards to the customer service, the basic amenities I want, doesn’t matter if I’m traveling business or economy. This airline has a first class service, which is one of the reasons why I love traveling through it. Another thing I like about the Turkish Airlines is the details that they look at, how they take care of any customer individually, and how they’ve taken care of me as well without giving me any reason to question their well managed services.  Also, I love Turkish Airlines because I love having Istanbul as a hub since it is right where it needs to be when it comes to traveling to Asia, Europe and America as well. Plus, as a bonus, I love exploring the beautiful city of Istanbul. Along with that, Turkish Airlines has connections to almost anywhere I want to go, so I’m can be guaranteed with reliability and safety with this service. So, especially to the new customers, all I want to say is that the Turkish Airlines will take care of you, anywhere you want to go, and at any time of the day.