During Ramadan, a holy month of fasting, Mr Prabhu decided to go on a Dubai vacation with his family. They landed in Dubai, not sure of the situation there during Ramadan. Luckily, everything was pretty normal except for a few instances.

Travelling with family is a different kind of vibe that you don’t want to miss for the world. This time, we, a family of four decided on taking a Dubai Trip for a week. The “Trip Turbo” at Kupondole, a travel agency helped us get a package for six days. On 23rd April, we took a morning flight to Dubai so that we could have a whole day to ourselves. We were staying at Doubletree by the Holton-Business Bay with Breakfast and a king guest room. 

Day 1: Dubai Mall 

The hotel that we were staying in was just 5 minutes away from the Dubai Mall. As we were free that day, Dubai Mall happened to be our first destination and I tell you, it resembles the perfect amalgam of fashion, lifestyle, and fun altogether especially if you are going with family. We could see plenty of shopping stores, a large walk-through aquarium called the underwater zoo, restaurants, a crowd, huge parking spaces, the human waterfall, a VR park, and whatnot! My kids enjoyed it very much. Since we were there during Ramadan, so the mall opened until 1 AM but was crowded. 

Day 2: IMG world of adventure

After getting properly rested, the next day planned to visit IMG world of adventure. 40 minutes away from the hotel, it was the indoor theme park where we could see the superheroes and cartoon characters come to life. My children love superheroes so for them, it must be quite an experience. We approximately spent around 5-6 hours roaming around, watching all the characters, 3D rides, roller coaster, Jurassic ride, Hulk ride, and many more. We returned around 5:30 PM as we had a Dhow cruise ride at 7:30 PM. The cruise adventure was a beautiful ride unravelling the classy city sight, dining (the food was mediocre), and entertainment. In addition to that, the touch of Arabic culture where the ‘Tanura’ Dance performance took the whole experience to a new height. The Dhow Cruise itself reflects the traditional flavours, however, the boat could have been well managed. 


Day 3: Burz khalifa

Travelling with family comes with responsibilities. We, a family of four had been going all in, had been doing a lot of walks, roaming around, and of course that comes with plenty of fun. However, on this day, we needed a rest, so we did. We stayed in the hotel for a pretty good amount of time and headed off to the mall again for some time. At 7:30 PM, as per the package we were to visit Burj Khalifa. I recommend you go during the day, as it is much cheaper as well as less crowded. However, it was not the case for us. Hustling through the crowd was worth the beautiful view from the top. Dubai skyline stretching farthest, and the city lights dancing around, the view was just amazing. We did get a chance to witness the fountain as well, even though not for a long time. Captivating water, and music, along with family by my side, I couldn’t have asked for more. Then, we went back to the hotel.


Day 4: Desert safari

Desert Safari day was my favourite day. It took around an hour to reach the destination, starting from 2 PM. The ride is not included in the package, they pick you up and drop you off at the hotel, but the ride itself is not paid for. Son and I were on one bike and my wife and daughter were on another, we drove over the magnificent sandy desert. The choice of vehicle was a quad bike. We bought sunglasses and masks but if you take your own, the purchase is optional. It was fun, freeing, and inciting. However, you have to be very careful as people are just driving carefree and might get into accidents. We took lots of pictures and enjoyed the moment. The night ended with a diner in a camp full of people. 15-20 camps, all crowded with around 500-600 guests and amazing fire-dance performances. Belly dance was avoided as it was Ramadan but it was a wholesome experience.  


Day 5: Aqua adventure water park.

The fifth day at Aqua adventure water park was full of thrilling experiences. Personally, the water slides felt short compared to other water parks I have been to. Nevertheless, the aquarium is quite big with lots of fish. My children enjoyed walking and navigating the path through a clean inner tube. The whole day in the water park was beautiful. 


Day 6: Miracle garden

We ended our trip by visiting the Miracle Garden Dubai. It looks astonishing with the flowers put into different designs, giving off vibrant energy. However, the flowers are pretty familiar and were not of wide variation. The photos were taken and we spent a few hours admiring the beauty. They serve many food stalls with a variety of dishes. It was more like a fairytale experience. I would suggest you visit the garden at around 3-4 PM to avoid the crowd and enjoy at peace.