What is your next trek destination? Have you planned already, or are you contemplating between multiple places? How about Shey Phoksundo this time? Here we have a guideline for you to the most beautiful place in Nepal: Shey Phoksundo.

Shey Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in Nepal, has become a destination trekking place for domestic and international tourists. When you need a break from all the hustle of day-to-day life, when your mind needs peace and calm, going for a short vacation always helps. With all the beauty and diversity of landscape that we can witness, why wouldn’t one visit Shey Phoksundo? But, how do you get there? If you don’t have a route idea and are holding yourself back, we are here to help you.

If you are not from Kathmandu, your first arrival place should be Kathmandu. The next flight will be to Nepalgunj, a small town in the western Terai, just 8 km away from the Indian border. You can stay at Nepalgunj for as long as you want. However, if your destination is Shey Phoksundo, you might not want to be there for more than a few hours. 

The next flight will be to Juphal, which is also the starting point of your trek. The location is at an elevation of 8,210 feet. While trekking, you will see incredible views of pines and oak trees, with several waterfalls leaving you amazed. The route ascends southeast, high above the Thulo Bheri valley, and a couple of villages lead you to a beautiful place, Dunai, at an elevation of 7,035 feet.  

When you reach Dunai, you will trek down Dunai’s street and through the Bheri river’s bridge. After around 6-7 hours of the trek in the beautiful lap of nature, you will have crossed different villages, maple and walnut forest, and hemp trees towards Suligad. You will get to get through the wood bridge at Kagbeni and continue to walk uphill. Through the narrow trails, you will arrive at Chepka. As your journey goes on, you will witness the beauty of nature. However, the challenges only go up and up. If you pass all the uphills and downhill, you will arrive at Sunduwa. The trek from Sunduwa to Ringmo is full of steep and narrow trails with loose soil and rocks. The Ringmo village is beautiful with hints of Tibetan ethnicity. The area is at an elevation of 3,660 meters/12,000 meters and lies on the landslide dam that formed Shey Phoksundo Lake. 


Finally, you reach Shey Phoksundo. Glaciers surround the place and have the most magnificent turquoise colour. All the hours of challenging trek will be worth it. The peace will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm. 

After a few hours at Shey Phoksundo, you will be on your return journey. You will move down to Sunduwa from Ringmo and to Chepka in around 5 hours of walk. From Chepka, you will be headed to Jufal and Nepalgunj by flight. Then, at last, you will reach Kathmandu, and this is how you will bring memories to cherish forever. 

Best time to go for Shey Phoksundo Trek:

Spring is the best season for going on a trek to Shey Phoksundo Lake. Regarding the climatic condition and the beautiful sightseeing, Spring stands out the best. All the colourful flowers and trees, the moderation of temperature, and the view of mountains will put you in awe. If you don’t get time during Spring, you have Autumn. The weather condition during Autumn is always good. It will let you witness and enjoy the mesmerizing view of forests, faunas, and floras.


Religious Importance:

Many people visit Shey Phoksundo Lake for religious purposes. The water of this lake is supposed to be holy, and we can find the privilege of traditional Tibetan culture in the upper Dolpa. There are Buddhism and Bon in the Lower Dolpa. We can find many religious sites like Gompas, which gives the whole place religious importance. 


Trekking permit:

Upper Dolpo trek permit: USD 500 per day.

Lower Dolpo trek permit: USD 10 per week.

Shey Phoksundo National park permit: USD 13 plus 13% VAT for foreigners, Rs. 1000 plus 13% VAT for SAAC Nations and Rs.25 for crew members.