Fight the Heat

Samsung has introduced a range of air conditioners with it n...

Smarter Cooling with LG

LG is a brand that most of us are very familiar with. From t...

Do I really need a 4K TV?

Have you ever just kept on nodding to show that you &quo...

How Concerned Are You? Are You Concerned Enough?

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1. Finding your sugar level using a new mobi...

Good Coffee: In Just a Matter of Minutes`

Experience the taste of rich and authentic espresso that wil...

The Kitchenware that Blends Anything

An easy way to beat the summer heat is a glass of fresh frui...

The Craze with Polaroid Cameras

Get pictures at your fingertips

Automatic Water Pump

Add automatic water pump at your home and you will never hav...

Smart generation’s smart shaver

A clean well-groomed person is the new smart man.

Electric BBQ Grills

Nothing gives justice to summer nights like getting together...

Cool your Home

Air coolers to battle the summer heat

Food Processor

A food processor is an important kitchen appliance that is v...

Air Purifier

Just as important as the food we eat and the water we drin...

Adding A New Family Member

In the current situation where many farmers use harmful chem...

Casio Laser & LED Projector

Want to join us for a movie night? The whirlwind of techn...

Steam Hanging Iron

Add a new member to your family

Family friendly Apps

Apps for everyone in the family

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